EXCLUSIVE: Armenian Christians were being 'starved out' of their homes in Azerbaijan, now 120,000 forced out

120,000 Armenian Christians are being forced out of their homes through the Artsakh Republic of Armenia in Azerbaijan for “ethnic cleansing operations.”

Jack Posobiec hosted Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch on his podcast Tuesday to elaborate on the situation.

Spencer noted that not only is the Biden administration turning a bling eye to the Christian Armenians, but they are in fact providing funding to Azerbaijan which is the aggressor in this situation.

He also explained that over the past year, the only road leading them to Armenia proper has been blocked, disallowing for food, supplies and medicine to be delivered to their villages. They have essentially been “starved out” the past nine months, Spencer said.

Azerbaijan launched an offensive against Armenia last week, attempting to seize the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.

On September 19th, Spencer reported “the Azerbaijan military began [military] operations,” subsequently re-opening the road on which the inhabitants are now fleeing. He noted that “that’s what the idea was all along.”

“This is an attempt to eradicate the Armenian exclave of Artsakh and eradicate a Christian presence that…has been there since time immemorial.”

He explained that there are churches in the region that date back to the fourth century and that it has long been populated, but the inhabitants are now “being forced out with the active help of the Biden regime.”

Posobiec reminded his audience that Armenia is the oldest Christian nation.

He then noted that Azerbaijan is exploiting a “geopolitical nexus” by supplying natural gas and oil to Russia after the EU put sanctions on trade.

The road on which the Artsakh region is attempting to flee to Armenia is in fact right on the border of Iran, Posobiec revealed.

Responding to the question of the role Iran could be playing, Spencer responded that “ironically… Iran is on the side of Armenia.”

The reason for this is that Azerbaijanis make up the largest “non-Persian ethnic group” in Iran, and the regime does not want them to “get ideas of uniting with the independent country of Azerbaijan,” he reported.

Moving to the announcement on X that USAID Administrator Samantha Power arrived in Armenia on Monday, Posobiec pondered what the Biden admin “could be up to.”

Spencer concluded, “she's just actually performing a cosmetic action to give the impression that the United States is even handed in this.”

He reported that the Armenians greeted her unkindly and added that “The United States has essentially stabbed the Armenians in the back and left them to die.”

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