American livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested twice within weeks for 'causing a nuisance,' faces possible prison term

American livestreamer Ismael Ramsey Khalid, 24, has been arrested yet again in Osaka, Japan, this time for forcibly getting in the way of business operations and "causing a nuisance" at a local restaurant.

Khalid, who goes by "Johnny Somali" online, gained notoriety across Japan after filming himself harassing locals, trespassing, and performing other stunts for his viewers. He has been asked to publicly apologize for his actions on numerous occasions.

According to Sportskeeda, Sankei News reported that Khalid was apprehended by the Osaka Prefectural Police "on suspicion of forcibly obstructing business operations for causing a nuisance by broadcasting a live stream without permission at a restaurant in Osaka city." He was subsequently taken to the South Police Station.

Investigators say Khalid is suspected of "disrupting the business of restaurants in Osaka by filming them and distributing the videos on the Internet."

He and fellow American, Jeremiah Dwane Branch, were arrested in September for trespassing onto a hotel construction site in the Nipponbashi district of the Chuo ward a month earlier.

Video of the incident shows Khalid not only breaching the safety fence, but proceeding to yell "Fukushima" at workers who tried to escort him off the property.

That was far from the first time Khalid had screamed about nuclear events in Japan's past to unsuspecting strangers.

In fact, it was such an action that first sprung him into the public eye. In May, Khalid streamed himself walking through a train in Osaka harassing passengers by saying "Hiroshima," "Nagasaki," and "We do again."

While the vast majority of those whom he harassed politely ignored him, a few got upset and physically beat him.

It was recently reported that Khalid had been sentenced to five years in prison in Japan, however locals and those who live on the internet quickly debunked that theory, pointing out that the process does not move that quickly.

"Police will keep re-arresting him and he'll serve 23 days (of) detainment for each charge," X user @TzGnis wrote. "Once they're done stacking charges he'll be prosecuted in front of a judge."

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