DAVID KRAYDEN: Don't let woke liberals like Justin Trudeau hide their extremism behind Israel

The second 1 Million March for Children planned for Oct. 21 won’t be happening because too many of the expected participants are focused not on ending woke politics in Canada but on the events of the last week in Israel, where terrorist attacks by Hamas against Jewish women and children has ensured an Israeli counter-offensive in the Gaza strip.

This is a tragic victory for woke ideology and a defeat, at least temporarily, for the grassroots forces that threatened the hegemony of the Liberal Party in Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s extremist agenda.

I spoke early Tuesday to the organizer of the first Million March that successfully brought over 1.5 million Canadians together from Vancouver to Halifax on Sept. 20 to protest against gender ideology in the schools. Kamel El-Cheikh said he had spoken to dozens of key march organizers and he believed it was “too dangerous” to hold the protest right now given division among Muslims, Christians and Jews over the events in the Middle East.

“These people are not functioning at 100 percent and are not able to focus on the objective of the march,” he said. “I know I don’t have everyone’s A-game .. they are not in the right mindset.”

He believed Antifa counter-protesters could arrive with Palestinian or Israeli flags to provoke conflict among the parents and children.

Clearly the woke forces have shown how successful they can be by using the war in the Mideast to distract Canadian parents from winning a fight for their children. This is a tragedy because clearly too many people are forgetting where they live and what it is in their power to change.

Canadians don’t decide who governs Israel or who decides policy in the Middle East. They can decide who will be the next prime minister and what kind of policies our children encounter in their schools.

When Hamas began its invasion of Israel earlier this month, my first thought was for the Israeli victims. My second thought was how in the hell did both Israel and U.S. intelligence fail to predict military incursion. My third thought was that this new war had the potential to destroy the religious unity that has increasingly characterized the fight against woke political ideology in both the United States and Canada – but especially Canada.

And that woke liberals would exploit the war in exactly that way.

I fear that all three concerns have been justified.

We know of the barbarism of the Hamas terrorists. This has obviously been either a catastrophic failure of intelligence or deliberate dismissal of intelligence. But we cannot let it become a distraction for woke politicians who will continue to push their agenda and insist that the only issue that matters is the war in the Mideast.

I already saw that in Monday’s House of Commons Question Period, when Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland – Trudeau was nowhere to be found – avoided answering questions on the economy by diverting attention to the war in the Mideast.

I am standing with Israel in this fight – as I always have. I have been a lifeline foe of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semitism. Since its founding in 1948, Israel has been surrounded by hostile and homicidal Arab nations. Many have not and some do not today believe in the right of Israel to exist. These states have waged war on Israel on three occasions and have nurtured and funded the terrorist groups that have ceaselessly attempted to undermine Israel’s sovereignty, security and safety. Israel has been encircled and has always had to fight to sustain its right to exist and the lives of its citizens. 

Before finding a homeland, Jews were subject to chronic discrimination, ubiquitous persecution, loss of citizenship, ghettoization, pogroms, and ultimately, the genocide of Nazi Germany.

Yes, Israel is a special case that often has to bend international rules in order to stay alive. 

We should support Israel but we should not support the enlargement of the war – especially at this juncture in history when the war in Ukraine remains a source of nuclear catastrophe. If this war escalates by bringing the United States directly into the conflict; by listening to the asinine advice of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and bombing Iran; by making this a regional conflict that will invite the participation of China and Russia – then we are not just in a crap shoot over nuclear oblivion, we are betting on our own destruction. While we have been incrementally creeping toward nuclear war with Russia, another war will accelerate that crawl into a slow march.

Like we need in Ukraine, we need peace in the Middle East. We were moving towards that under former President Donald Trump even though many thought his decision to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would foment a revolt from the Arab states. It did not because peace creates the conditions necessary for prosperity while war almost always ends in economic disaster – except for the arms manufacturers. It did not because Trump created a unique Pax America in just four years of government that prevailed despite this president not starting one foreign war during his all too brief period in power.

For the past four months in Canada, there has been a religious unity that shook the political foundations of Justin Trudeau’s power. He has watched while Muslims organized a massive march against gender ideology and saw them joined by people of all faiths. He has attempted to dismiss this phenomenon as rooted in hate but the more he attempts to demonize his opposition, the narrower his electoral base is becoming. 

But you can bet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants it terminated – effective immediately.

Trudeau has routinely dismissed Muslim-Canadians and their objections to gender ideology as being “misled” by “misinformation and disinformation” created by the “American right-wing.” The Muslim Association of Canada issued a statement last month, seeking an immediate apology for the prime minister’s abusive language that smeared all parents who participated in the 1 Million March as being motivated by hate.

He will use this crisis in Israel to demonize Muslim parents one or two degrees worse.

Can you find anti-Semitic Muslims in Canada? I’m sure you can. Just as you can find some white supremacists. But they aren’t under every bed. And they certainly weren’t in evidence during the Million March for Children where Jews, Christians and Muslims literally marched hand in hand. 

The vast majority of Muslims in Canada are focused primarily on their families and on their livelihoods and they are not hellbent on rendering terror to their fellow Canadians. 

Trudeau and his woke regime survive by dividing Canadians by identity politics and ensuring that those opposed to his policies remain divided and disorganized – and focused on issues that they cannot affect or change.

Trudeau has expressed his solidarity with Israel. That was admirable; but it was also predictable given that his constituency is in Montreal, where a large Jewish community would otherwise hold him accountable in the next election. He is sufficiently politically astute to recognize that the vast majority of Canadians support Israel and he can transform Israel’s into a distraction from his extremist domestic agenda.

The prime minister wants you to remember he was right about Israel but wrong on just about every other initiative his government has taken.

Canadians who oppose his extremist policies, not just on gender ideology but on abortion, euthanasia and censorship, must stay committed to the goal of removing him from power by uniting around those ideas and symbols they have in common and not by letting Trudeau continue to divide and conquer. 

There is just too much at stake in terms of the clear and present danger Trudeau poses to Canada’s basic liberties and his assault on freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and life itself will remain intact no matter what happens in the Middle East.

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