BREAKING: Woman slaughtered and paraded around naked in the back of Hamas pickup truck identified as German-Israeli woman in country to attend music festival for peace

The woman who was seen in a viral video being paraded in the back of a pickup truck operated by members of Hamas after she had seemingly been killed has been identified as 22-year-old German and Israeli citizen Shani Louk.

The notion of the woman in the video being Shani was confirmed by first cousin Tom Weintraub Louk, The Washington Post reports. 

“We knew she was in the party; she didn’t answer,” she said.

Shani apparently went missing after Hamas terrorists had crashed an outdoor dance party near Kibbutz Urim on Saturday morning; she was said to have attended the event. 

The festival she participated in was reportedly held to promote peace and took place near the Gaza border fence.

“She’s lying there on the jeep of Hamas with armed people,” explained Tom, who hasn’t been able to bring herself to look at the video but said her cousin’s parents have. “We recognized her by the tattoos, and she has long dreadlocks,” she said. While her cousin appears lifeless, the family is still holding out for news.”

A gruesome video that has spread like wildfire across social media depicts a motionless woman lying facedown in a truckbed along with four Hamas terrorists. One is seen gripping her hair as the other fires a shot into the air and shouts “Allahu Akbar!” 

Cheering Palestinians can be seen following the truck. 

“We have some kind of hope,” said Tom. “Hamas is responsible for her and the others.”

On X, an account identified as "adi louk" posted: "This is my sister Shani louk. She is taken by Hamas. She is a German citizen."

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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