SAVANAH HERNANDEZ: Joe Biden's weaponization of our government should scare everyone

There is no denying the two-tiered justice system that has infiltrated the United States. Under Joe Biden's administration, it is one rule for the "inner party," and one for everyone else. In particular, the persecution of political opponents has been a priority for Biden, who has called Americans who don't align with him "MAGA extremists" and called for the "prosecution" of those who refuse to cooperate with his politicized January 6th commission. 

Deepening this appetite for persecution, the Biden FBI has deemed concerned parents "domestic terrorists," while even peaceful January 6th defendants have been driven to suicide thanks to federal threats and harassment. At the same time, the "mostly peaceful" Black Lives Matter protesters were allowed to burn down entire cities without even a whiff of pushback from our alleged "justice system." And now, they expect us to roll over and accept that their multiple arrests and overegged indictments of President Trump are just the rule of law in action?

Let's take a step back and look at what that "rule of law" looks like when DC juries full of swamp creatures are empowered: Joe Biggs faces a sentence of 17 years for the crime of shaking a fence at the Capitol. Enrique Tarrio, meanwhile, faces 22 years in prison for being involved with the demonstration on January 6th, even though he didn't even take part in it. In other words, these two men are being treated more harshly than some rapists for crimes that are nebulous, verging on ridiculous, because the Swamp can't abide even futile demonstrations against its power. As Julie Kelly put it when breaking the story, "Judge Tim Kelly just made destruction of part of a temporary metal fence on govt property a federal crime of terrorism" because supposedly, "removal of fence was part of the Proud Boys "conspiracy" to "influence the conduct of government", leading to an increase in jail time. 

However, when it comes to things like Antifa-hired lawyers threatening juries in the Andy Ngo trial in Portland, which any reasonable person would conclude was an attempt to "influence the conduct of government," there is no resistance whatsoever. And, needless to say, those threats are not idle, seeing as Antifa militants are usually allowed to organize attacks on federal courthouses with no repercussions.

Nor was it a problem, apparently, when hundreds stormed the Supreme Court during the confirmation hearings of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which anyone else would reasonably think was an attempt to "influence the conduct of government." In fact, if you really think about it, the First Amendment's clause allowing We the People to petition the government for a redress of grievances actually sounds a lot like it's encouraging people to "influence the conduct of government." Maybe we should lock up the Constitution – that is, if the Left hasn't already gotten around to burning it for being written by problematic people.

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