BREAKING: Suspect in military clothing arrested after 1 injured in Dutch hospital shooting

A man in military garb opened fire early Thursday at a Dutch university hospital, injuring one inside a classroom. DailyMail UK reports a suspect has been arrested.

A manhunt was launched by police to find the male who was described as tall, in his mid-20s and wearing combat clothes. Students and patients were seen evacuating the medical center while specialized arrest teams and armed police were deployed inside to scour the floors of the building, including the rooftop.

A video later showed a man being arrested by officers outside the building. He was blindfolded and put into a police car.

A second shooting that occurred earlier at a nearby home in which two people were injured is under investigation. It is unclear if the two are related. Dutch media reports there was a fire put out at the house and also a fire which is still ablaze in a room at the medical center.

A 26-year-old intern named Nigel Jansen who was held at gunpoint by police before being told to 'get out quickly' told AD: "The panic was great. People were running and crying. We had received something, but it was unclear what was going on."

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

Image: Title: Dutch hospital shooting


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