White woman wins Miss Zimbabwe in Miss Universe pageant—Americans claim that's racist

On September 16, Brooke Bruk-Jackson, 21, won the Miss Universe Zimbabwe pageant causing some controversy over the fact that she is a white woman

In a post on Instagram, Jackson celebrated her victory, she said, "I have gained this crown for our beautiful country, to love and to serve our people, to represent Zimbabwe Internationally and to show the world the uniqueness of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans." 

"I want to be an example of grace, understanding, and inspiration to the youth of Zimbabwe, to instill the spirit of ‘ubuntu’ and know that together we are strong and anything in life is possible," she added. 

This was the first time in 22 years that Zimbabwe will be sending someone to compete in the Miss Univers pageant on November 18. When the win was announced online, however, many aired their displeasure with Jackson being the winner.

One account that is a self-proclaimed "Southern Girl," and is now set to private, said the news is "Extremely tragic, and disappointing!" according to the Atlanta Black Star. 

Another user who lives in Los Angeles, California, said, "All those beautiful melanted women and you telling me the European woman won a contest for black people!!??"

On Wednesday, Brook posted a picture of one of her outfits for the pageant and said it represents the "diversity" of Zimbabwe. Her caption read, "Zimbabweans are so talented. This work of art says a thousand words about our beautiful nation."

"This costume is a celebration of diversity in the human race," she continued. "The recycled zebra skin and the porcupine quills show the beautiful art created by black and white stripes. A representation of unity amongst people. The colour of our skin should not define a person or who each person chooses to associate with. Together, we are aligned, a beautiful kind made by god. The cowry shells are a representation of fertility and womanhood. This is to say we are all born the same way, no matter the colour of your skin. We are brought into earth through the same path."

The comment section under the post was not so gracious towards her. User luvcaamel87, who is apparently from East Point, Georgia, said, "I almost laughed out loud seeing this! They love playing dress up in other cultures clothes!"

User detroitbeauty68 criticized the pictures she chose to post. She said, "Interesting caption full of pretty words, and no people of color in any photos except from the parent [sic]."

However, through all the negative comments one user, nmstreetwear_official, noted, "It's really sad how African Americans specifically feel like they hold the definition of what is acceptable or what goes and what stays." They added, "Your view of Africa or race is definitely not universal. Any definition of either culture appropriation is very much different from US and the faster you realize that the better... Miss Zim Universe was chosen with a panel of black Zimbabweans and observers not that it matters."

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