CHARLIE KIRK: Russell Brand is experiencing a 'hit job' from the left

Charlie Kirk detailed the “hit job” surrounding comedian and actor Russel Brand on his show Wednesday.

He recounted the time he flew to the UK with Candace Owens 5 years ago, where she was going to appear on Brand’s podcast, noting that they both recognized he was an outspoken liberal.

Now, it would seem, he is being devoured by his own side and rejected by liberal Hollywood after vocalizing his disdain for vaccine mandates.

Several anonymous women have come forward claiming Brand sexually assaulted them around a decade ago. He has since denied all of the “serious criminal allegations” on social media and insists every time he’s sexually engaged with someone it has been consensual.

Kirk quoted The Times of London: “All of the accusers said they felt ready to speak out only after being approached by reporters.”

“Several said they felt compelled to do so given Brand’s newfound prominence as an online wellness influencer with millions of followers on YouTube and other sites.”

Kirk was quick to note that Brand has long been wildly famous, having “A-list cameos” in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek and Death on the Nile.

He challenged that “they're going after him because Russell Brand is saying you shouldn't have to take the vaccine. Russell Brand is talking about wellness, not eating crappy foods, increasing testosterone rates, increasing your vitamin D levels.”

He continued that Brand “did what you are not supposed to do” by hosting Tucker Carlson as a guest on his podcast.

Russell Brand’s YouTube channel has now been suspended and demonetized, Kirk reported, because of allegations from “women induced…by a hostile media who openly admit they have political motivations for what they say,” noting that America has the “statute of limitations for a reason.”

“So we have a concept called statute of limitations for a reason. Lately, it's been it's been really popular to get rid of these limitations for entirely emotional reasons, but they exist for this reason in particular. You do not want to have the lynch mob be able to gin up resentment, by the way, are these women getting paid? I don't know...”

He posited that the women coming forward could be getting paid by pharmaceutical companies since Brand has been “insanely effective” at “the pharmaceutical industrial complex.”

Kirk highlighted Brand’s character, noting that he’s sober, a husband, as well as a father, and that the main goal of his website has been to help “people break free of addiction” to which Kirk says he “can’t think of a more noble cause.”

He continued that the comedian has his life together now and that “They're going after him because he's a threat to the regime,” similar to how they did with figures who used to be accepted by the majority until they stood firm on their beliefs including Elon Musk, Alex Jones, Joe Rogan and even Donald Trump.

Kirk noted, “There is no easier way to discredit somebody than accusing them of a sex crime.”

“Anyone that has courage, anyone that is effective, they will smear you, they will slander you, they will sue you. They will investigate you. They will lie about you.”

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