EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Robert Malone tells Jack Posobiec 'the FDA has gone rogue'

Jack Posobiec invited Dr. Robert Malone to his podcast, Human Events with Jack Posobiec, on Monday to walk through how the FDA has been using propaganda to control the American people under the Biden regime and in the wake of the new Covid variant, Eris, being spread.

Posobiec alleged that the organization is not studying the efficacy of vaccines, but rather how their marketing of the vaccines is influencing people. He pointed out that the words ‘marketing,’ ‘publicity,’ and ‘propaganda’ are all the same word in the Chinese language.

He noted that the FDA and CDC “are supposed to be conducting oversight and regulatory authority over the corporate elements of this.”

Instead, they are using their authority over the American people.

Dr. Malone responded that “the mask is off the FDA now and we can see what's going on,” adding that “the FDA has gone rogue.”

He continued, “They seem to have taken the approach of ‘anything goes and we will do whatever we want and you don't get to see the data.’ That's basically what's happened with this 20-mouse study.”

“It's really the only data apparently that exists to justify these boosters.”

“I think we have a long laundry list now, beginning with the Department of Justice at the top, of agencies that have been weaponized against the American people.”

He said that the data supports that the government is “now to the point that it really doesn't feel like it has to subscribe to its own rules and regulations.”

The Democrats in power and the deep state, he argued “are at liberty to make whatever administrative rules and regulations they wish. They don't have to be concerned about rational oversight because that is gone.”

Malone concluded, “We really do have, I believe, a corporate government merger…functionally, that's what we have. And I think you already know what the definition of that is.”

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