OLIVER GHORBANIFAR: The Left is trying to decriminalize rape

In the wake of the hyper violent and destructive George Floyd riots of 2020 progressive activists, and the jelly spined public officials who cravenly surrendered to their insane demands, rallied to the, then cause célèbre, of "defunding the police."

The initiative was the first crucial step in what became the beginning of a wave of what can only be described as anarcho-tyranny, which swept across the United States, engendering a staggering 30 percent spike in the murder rate. The largest such year over year increase ever recorded. However, while crime continues to be shockingly high, "defund the police" has lost its luster for many liberal politicians who have now correctly view it as the electoral poison that it is.

While this development has been a significant setback for the radical left, it hasn’t stopped them from continuing to pursue their hateful and perverse agenda of protecting criminals and punishing law-abiding citizens.

And they’re ambitions are no longer limited to merely "defunding the police" this time they want to go even further, they want to decriminalize rape and sexual assault.

Already the left’s online vanguard, some of them even sexual assault victims is laying the groundwork for their next push against basic morality human dignity.

Leftist podcaster Kate Willett began to push the cause recently on X.

In response to a post pointing out that left wing prison abolitionists would end up setting free a significant number of rapists and sexual predators, Willett said the following: “Sexual assault victim here. I really wish people would stop using a terrible thing that happened to me to put a million people in a cage.”


When asked to explain what an appropriate punishment would be for the man who victimized her, Willett responded:

“Prob his friends and family knowing what he did and being involved in his process of being a better person.”


Willet’s bizarre and frankly, deranged, desire to not see the man she alleges sexually assaulted her punished would be troubling enough if it were merely limited to a small number of woke lunatics seeking attention on the internet. However the real problem is that, unfortunately for America’s vulnerable women and children, it isn’t.

In fact there is a name for the far-left ideology that engendered Willett’s recent verbal diarrhea: restorative justice. An idea which claims that criminals can be dissuaded from future recidivism while also providing victims with resolution by setting up a meeting between victim and victimizer in which the two discuss their feelings and discuss possible ways in which they issue can be resolved without resorting to using the traditional criminal justice system.

While the idea may sound good on paper, especially if you are a naive college student with no life experience or a Marxist activist attempting to subvert and destroy bourgeois society, in reality, though it has been championed by liberal media outlets like Vox and the New York Times, it almost always leads to more violence and exploitation while looking after the interests of criminals and punishing their victims.

Writing in Unherd, even the feminist campaigner Julie Bindel was forced to condemn the moral insanity of restorative justice especially in light of the new push by the radical left to have it applied to victims of sexual assault. Restorative Justice, in Bindel’s view, “constitutes the very opposite of justice.”

When Bindel spoke to a woman who runs an organization dedicated to helping female victims of sexual violence, this is what she had to say: “What we are seeing is what we have seen forever, which is the under-policing and under-protection for women, including women of colour. But some BLM activists are claiming that feminists calling for CJS sanctions for rape and domestic abuse is flat-out racist, because black men are overrepresented in the prison population.”

Since at least the French Revolution the Left, which is comprised of bitter and resentful losers, has been on a quest to legitimize criminals and soft-peddle their crimes and have been especially excited about doing so for crimes of a sexual nature.

If we don’t stop them, they’re going to do it again, and the ones who will pay the highest price will be our sisters, wives and daughters.

Image: Title: Kate Willett


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