AUSTIN PETERSEN: Now that neo-Nazis love Biden for supporting Azov, will he disavow them?

In the background of the massive fight going on between Elon Musk and the ADL over anti-semitism, another story about the actual official Jew hater club surfaced last week when Florida Neo-Nazis, who were actually from Maine but whatever, rallied at an overpass, as well as outside the Happiest Place on Earth: Walt Disney World.

Despite professional online twitter leftists immediately attempting to paint them as DeSantis supporters, even the ADL has stated that the Florida Nazis oppose DeSantis. And if that wasn’t convincing enough then perhaps the chants of “f*ck DeSantis” might be. But one important statement from Nazi leader Christopher Polhaus went entirely unreported by the mainstream media. I wonder why?

“I think Biden’s better than Trump because he sends rockets to Ukraine… Hail Ukraine! Hail Azov!”

It’s no secret that foreign policy in the United States took a hard non-interventionist turn during the term of President Donald Trump. Voters were tired of Bush’s endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Obama’s conflicts in Libya, Yemen, and Syria. And while the enemy of our enemy may sometimes be our friend, that strategy hasn’t been playing out very well since Reagan’s mujahideen turned on us. And yet, none of our “allies” in those conflicts were actual Nazis like the Azov battalion in Ukraine.

The Azov Battalion is a paramilitary unit that originated in 2014 as a volunteer militia during the initial stages of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The Azov Battalion was incorporated into the National Guard of Ukraine and has since been officially designated as a regiment. They have members with neo-Nazi sympathies and are frequently spotted wearing Nazi symbols.

The Biden administration has been generous in supporting Ukraine, with over $75 billion in military aid making its way to Azov and other groups (as well as I’m sure plenty getting grifted away like most US taxpayer dollars). Any and all attempts to have oversight of the money sent to Ukraine has been defeated. And yet, despite the fact that even The Nation makes queasy noises about our allies in Ukraine being literal, actual Nazis, no one in the establishment press or establishment political world seems willing to ask the obvious question, even now that other literal, actual Nazis have said the quiet part out loud: Will Biden disavow neo-Nazis, and if so, why are we still supporting the Azov Battalion?

It's not as if there isn't precendent for a question like this. Donald Trump was asked to disavow neo-Nazis and their ilk at least once a week, if not once a day, when he was president, and despite repeatedly doing so, the media continued to treat him as if he were refusing to disavow the worst people in the world. Yet Joe Biden sends money and weapons to Nazis in Ukraine, and gets praised for it by Nazis in America, and there's not a peep. One wonders if the Charlottesville marchers would've gotten better press if they'd shouted, "Putin will not replace us." Certainly, it seems that their modern day heirs in Ukraine get praised for doing exactly that.

The irony is that the neo-Nazis are arguably more Biden's problem than Trump's, and the neo-Nazis in Florida themselves know this. Witness the following:

Let me repeat that for those in the back: “We’re not voting for the right wing. It’s the kike wing.”

This is exactly the same kind of thing you heard in 2017, when the Daily Stormer endorsed Jeremy Corbyn against Theresa May because Corbyn was “anti-Jew.” Small wonder, then, that when it comes to these neo-Nazis, the flyers  they distribute attack Trump because “every single aspect of the Trump campaign is Jewish.” By implication, they see themselves as on the Left, an impression which is deepened when you hear stuff like this: 

“You and all of the people on that side of the fence, white subjugators, you work for that team. Kikes, Jewry, capitalism, billionaires… that’s your side.”

Emphasis mine.

They sound a bit like Bernie and AOC, don’t they? In fact, if you switch out the slurs against “Kikes” for other slurs like “colonizer” and “wypipo,” what do you get? You know what, why speculate? Here’s what you get:

“You and all of the people on that side of the fence, white subjugators, you work for that team. Colonizers, whiteness, capitalism, billionaires…that’s your side.”

This sounds like something Ibram Kendi could’ve written, doesn’t it? In fact, if you leave in a reference to Jewry, it also sounds like something Louis Farrakhan, an early inspiration who made Kendi believe whites were literal space aliens, could’ve written. So we’ve got a movement that opposes capitalism and billionaires, but supports Ukraine, all on racially identitarian grounds based on the conspiratorial view that another race is oppressing them. Which is pretty much exactly the platform of Joe Biden's Democratic party. 

So, if Trump can be asked the question of why he won't disavow these people, then why can't Joe Biden, who clearly shares more of their perspectives, and even funds their brethren abroad? You can make all sorts of dry foreign policy arguments about why supporting Azov is different, or necessary, or whatever, akshully, but what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and if Trump could be tarred this way, then so can Biden, and so should Biden, no matter how much his supporters like to pretend that their version of antidemocratic socialist authoritarian race-obsessed imperialism is not fascism actually because we're the good guys.

I ask again, will Joe Biden disavow the neo-Nazis in Florida who support him, and the neo-Nazis in Ukraine who is paying and arming? And if we're not even allowed to ask the question, then maybe we should start wondering if the neo-Nazis have a point that when it comes to American fascism, the call is already coming from inside the White House. 

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