Church of England clergy embraces homosexuality, sodomy before marriage in new poll

A new poll conducted by the Times has found that a majority of Church of England clergy members now believe that homosexuality is "compatible with scripture" and that Anglican priests should be allowed to officiate same-sex weddings

The results of the expansive survey have sparked debate over whether the church should accept behaviors once deemed sinful, or change to keep up with societal norms.

Of the 1185 respondents, 64.5 percent said the church should do away with teachings that portray homosexuality as going against the word of God, with 53.4 percent going so far as to say same-sex couples should be given the ability to have their marriages officiated by priests.

Nearly two-thirds suggested opposition to premarital sex should also be dropped, however, of those, 41 percent maintained that only "couples in committed relationships" should be allowed to copulate before tying the knot.

Priests appeared less optimistic than ever that Christianity would continue to be a dominant force in British society, with two-thirds of respondents agreeing that attempts to reverse the decline in church attendance were doomed to fail.

As the Guardian reports, the number of worshippers sitting in on Sunday services dropped from 1.2 million in 1986 to 509,000 in 2021. That year's census revealed that for the first time, less than half the people in England and Wales identified as Christian.

Changing demographics and dwindling participation in organized religion led 75 percent of respondents to agree with the statement that Britain was no longer a Christian country, though 64.2 percent said it still was, but "only historically."

Following the release of the poll, Monsignor Michael Nazir-Ali sat down with GBNews' Jacob Rees-Mogg to discuss its findings. Highlighting the fact that the survey only involved six percent of the estimated 20,000 clergy members, he suggested that the views espoused by respondents were not representative of the clergy at large.

Nazir-Ali, who began his career as a priest in the Church of England before joining the Catholics, argued that most Anglicans still hold on to traditional beliefs surrounding marriage and sex, and maintained that Britain was undoubtedly a Christian nation.

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