Jack Posobiec and Scott Adams: Has Joe Biden ‘been told he’s done’?

Dilbert creator and author Scott Adams joined Jack Posobiec on Human Events Live on Monday, discussing his new book Reframe Your Brain, which led to his permanent ban on Amazon, though he was later reinstated. The book is now a bestseller. The two dug into the latest news on the multiple indictments of President Donald Trump and the upcoming, already contentious presidential election.

Poso began by discussing the shocking breaking news on President Trump's trial date in D.C.

DC federal Judge Tanya Chutkan has set March 4, 2024 as the trial date for Trump's case over the aftermath of the 2020 election. This is the day before Super Tuesday, when 14 states, including California and Texas, head to the polls to determine the GOP nominee for president.

"What are we to make of this?" Posobiec asked Adams.

Adams responded, "Anytime you see coincidences mounting up in a zero-trust environment, you should distrust the government. So, I've got a rule. I suppose you call this a reframe because it's in the book, actually, that individuals are innocent until proven guilty. And we just have to have that standard."

"It's one of the basic things that holds the country together. Even if you're sure they're guilty you got to treat him as innocent until it's proven. But the government, and I would say big corporations as well, they don't have that," Adams told Posobiec. "In fact, it is more wise to say that they're guilty unless they can show through transparency, that everything looks good. So the lack of transparency should be a working assumption of either corruption or you know, bad actors somewhere."

"So, unfortunately, we have a situation where the reasonable assumption is that it's exactly what it looks like," Adams continued. "I don't know if that's true. We don't read minds. But the working assumption has to be it's exactly what it looks like."

Posobiec then asked Adams about his recent speculation that President Biden might not be returning to the White House in 2024, saying "You recently said something about Biden has been told that he's leaving. What did you mean by that?"

While Adams asserted that "this is just my speculation," the author explained that "reading the tea leaves" and seeing these "little signals" could suggest that Biden "might be done."

"Biden's absence, and the timing of it in politics where we are in the election cycle, suggests that he needed to be told he was done. Because I'm guessing he's not quite mentally, let's say capable, to even know what he's done. So my guess is that they needed to take him out of the office for a long enough time. You know, that would be all these vacations. So that Jill and he can spend some time and she should just gently ease him out," Adams told Posobiec.

"I don't know how they get to the next stage. So, I think they're stuck that he's done. He's been told he's done. This is just my speculation," Adams explained. "I'm not reading any minds. But they don't have a plan for when he's gone. So, they're in limbo right now. That's what it looks like."

Posobiec mentioned Biden's recent appearance in Maui visiting the victims of the Lahaina wildfires and said it wasn't a typical response one would have seen from a US President.

Adams agreed to that statement and said, "He seemed as though he was not engaged...which tells me he was thinking about himself, frankly. Which is what you would do if you had just been told you were not going to be president...We're not seeing much from him that would suggest he's running for office."

Posobiec concluded the segment by asking Adams why he thinks there is a return of influential people from the 80s and 90s, like Donald Trump, Tom Cruise, Dave Chappelle, and Roseanne Barr, asking "Is there something about that era that's returning that's kind of activated all you guys? What's the common thread?"

"I think some of us just can't be killed," Adams said. "They tried to end Roseanne but didn't work. They tried to take me out, didn't work. So maybe some of us are just too stubborn to die."

Posobiec praised Adams' best-selling book "Reframe Your Brain: The User Interface For Happiness and Success," which is the ultimate guide on how to rewire your brain to remove bad habits, start good ones, and see the world in a new way,.

Image: Title: Poso Scott Adams