DAVID KRAYDEN: Unvaxxed Canadian woman dies after being denied organ transplant—an MP says she deserved her fate

Canadian Sheila Annette Lewis died last week because her unvaccinated status denied her a vital organ transplant.  Supporters were raising money on her behalf so that she could go to the United States for the operation.

They didn’t raise enough money.

But the COVID-19 mandate authoritarians are okay with that.

NDP (New Democrat Party) Member of Parliament Charlie Angus says she deserved death, posting on X in a now deleted Tweet, “A woman died because she prefered [sic] to fight for disinformation, anti-vaxx bullshit and conspiracy. Pierre Poilievre says she is a hero and supports a candidate so bogus that Doug Ford kicked him out.”

The reference to the “bogus” candidate is Roman Baber, who fought COVID-19 mandates and will be running as a Conservative in the next federal election.

Shortly after her death on Friday, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms posted, “Brave Canadian, Sheila Annette Lewis, has sadly passed away today. Our thoughts are with her family, and all other Canadians who have been denied transplants because of unscientific vaccine policies. We will continue her courageous fight for rights and freedoms.”

Tragically, Lewis was from Alberta, where the premier, Danielle Smith, once said the unvaccinated were “the most discriminated-against group” in her lifetime. Yet she did nothing to save this woman.

There is no rational reason for denying the unvaccinated an organ transplant; it's just more bureaucratic inertia from the public health Gestapo. There is growing evidence that the vaccinated are in greater danger of sudden death than those who resisted the monumental pressure to roll the dice and get the vax.

The official reason for rejecting the unvaccinated for new organs is that transplant patients are in greater danger of being infected by COVID. So they may get sick after the procedure – though probably not – but they’ll surely die without it!

Sudbury, ON, resident Garnet Harper died in April from kidney disease because he couldn’t get a transplant. He was unvaccinated as well. 

A nurse asked Harper’s wife if her dying husband would be participating in an organ donor program.

“And I said, 'are you aware that unvaccinated people are not eligible to receive transplants in Ontario, and that’s a large part of why my husband is lying in this bed right now,’” said Harper’s wife, Meghan.

Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, persecuted by the COVID police for daring to hold church services during the pandemic, finally had his last day in court. It could have been a lot worse for the Aylmer, ON minister, but he is still saddled with a $65,000 fine.

“We have arrived at the end of our legal battle in Canada. After the Supreme Court declined to hear our appeal, we were in court today and settled dozens of outstanding charges. I told the Justice I was guilty of obeying God rather than man. All charges except one were dropped. I was sentenced for holding an outdoor service on June 6, 2021 to a fine totalling $65,000,” Hildebrandt posted on X.

But Hildebrandt got off relatively easily. Pastor Artur Pawlowski remains at his Calgary home under house arrest after a judge found him guilty on May 2 of mischief and breaching a release order. What did he do? He ministered and preached to truckers who organized a blockade in Coutts, AB, at the Canada–U.S. border as part of the Freedom Convoy campaign.

The pastor could be sentenced to 10 years in prison if he is also convicted under Alberta's Critical Infrastructure Defence Act. That legislation – designed to trap terrorists – is currently subject to a constitutional challenge by his defense team. 

And the full madness could be returning in the autumn.

Yes, I know. All this talk about COVID-19 masking and lockdowns returning like the cold weather is just paranoid hype. Impossible. Can’t happen. 

Though the mainstream media is in deep denial – and probably lying – about this issue, there’s an abundance of information available on independent media. 

And do you think essential masking, lockdowns and other COVID-19 mandates cannot make a comeback just because the ludicrously left-wing “fact checker” FactCheck.org tells you this can’t happen?

Why wouldn’t they be lying to you again when they lied to you all through the COVID-19 pandemic and told you the vaccine was completely safe, and lockdowns, which were very selectively managed, somehow saved lives and contained the virus? It is painfully obvious that getting the vaccine did not stop people from contracting COVID. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has repeatedly said that the vaccine was life-saving, supposedly received the vaccine on at least three occasions but came down with COVID several times after being multi-vaccinated. 

And of course, there’s a new report from the Royal Society that makes the preposterous claim that lockdowns “unequivocally” reduced the spread of the virus.

Why wouldn’t the authoritarian governments in the United States, Canada, China and much of Europe not look for any excuse to bring back lockdowns when they work so well to keep the public restrained, ensure free speech is stifled and freedom itself is extinguished? We know how the liberal elites ignored their own mask mandates and COVID restrictions because they privately agreed with all those “conspiracy theorists” who said those mandates and restrictions had little to do with public health and everything to do with government control.

We are still seeing the fallout from the previous mandates as people are literally dying because they were unvaccinated – but they are not perishing from the coronavirus but from bureaucratic idiocy.

Or the judicial idiocy that has followed Pastor Pawlowski, previously mentioned. 

Pawlowski told me in an interview how the Alberta justice system kept him in prison for 51 days, stripped naked and in solitary confinement at times. He was placed in metal cages, couldn’t talk to his lawyers, and was ultimately shipped to a maximum security facility in Edmonton where the murderers and terrorists usually go. 

That’s about how the Trudeau government and the judicial system in both Canada and the U.S. have treated the unvaxxed: like terrorist trash who can be consigned to the dustbin of history and left to die on a hospital bed while doctors and nurses are forbidden from offering the life-saving intervention that is readily available. 

Image: Title: Angus tweet