German Cabinet passes bill to make 'deadnaming' trans-identified people a criminal offense, $10,800 penalty

Germany is considering stripping away more speech rights from its citizens as a new bill would make it a crime to "deadname" a trans-identified person.

The draft bill, also known as the "self-determination law," which passed through the German Cabinet on Wednesday, would allow adults to change their legal gender and first name at registry offices without any additional formalities. The goal of this bill is to make it easier for trans-identifying adults to legally alter their identities, according to AP.

In order to change one's gender on official documents, according to Germany's existing "transsexual law," people must first acquire assessments from two specialists who are "sufficiently familiar with the particular problems of transsexualism" and then receive a court judgment.

However, the draft of the "self-determination law" isn't all that simple, and comes with a set of penalties for people who don't toe in line with the trans agenda.

Under the bill, German citizens would be fined $10,800 for "deadnaming" a trans-identified person, which is referring to said individual by their previous legal name, according to Reduxx. For example, if John Doe decides to change his name to Allison Doe, and someone were to refer to him as John after the legal name change, that individual could be fined.

The new rules also state that children who are 14 years old and older can alter their name and legal gender with their parents' or guardians' consent; should they disagree, teenagers can approach a family court to override them.

Children under the age of 14 would require parental or guardian applications at a registry office, per Reduxx. 

The passing of this bill through the Cabinet comes as nations across the globe enact similar legislation. In Brazil, its new far-left socialist President, Lula da Silva, recently made it a crime to spew "homophobic hate speech," which is punishable by up to five years in prison.

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