POSO & DARREN BEATTIE reveal massive 'government incompetence' during Maui fires with survival expert Joe Rieck

Jack Posobiec sat down with Joe Rieck, Vice President of My Patriot Supply, and discussed the fires in Maui and the necessity of emergency preparedness when there is government incompetence.  

As the situation in Maui has died down over the past week, fires have started up in California triggering evacuations in the state. With these and other fires, Posobiec discussed what the everyday American can do to be prepared in the case of a fire.  

"We're seeing absolute systemic collapse in some of these areas, especially with Maui. I think that's been the one through line that we keep hearing through all of this: Water is collapsing," Posobic said.  

Posobiec then turned the conversation over to Rieck and asked, "When the government isn't there to do the basic functions of government, what can people do so...  they don't find themselves in that position?"  

Rieck responded that people need to focus on "education" most of all.  

"I think that is the most important piece... while we're seeing the devastation and the destruction of what's going on in Maui," Rieck said. "If you're gonna sit back and put your whole faith and trust in the government to come in if there ever is a natural disaster, unfortunately, you're gonna be waiting a very, very long time." 

Rieck's company, My Patriot Supply, carries basic necessities for emergencies. From food storage to solar-powered battery chargers for phones, Rieck commented, "These are the little things that every family needs to have. And we're seeing these [disasters] more and more." 

Basic necessities and education for what to do in disasters were the top recommendations Rieck gave to Americans for when "incompetence of the government" and disasters take place in their communities.  

The electric company, Hawaiian Electric, has come also into question for possibly contributing to the fire in Maui. A lawsuit has been filed against the company as a result. 

Posobiec connected the mistakes in the Hawaii fires with the failing electric grid in South Africa which has taken a toll on the economy in the country.  

"So, what's going to happen when these wildfires start hitting our energy grids?" Posobiec asked rhetorically. "It feels like with the thrust into green energy... Hawaii pushed massive compliance with these DEI programs. And then all of a sudden you're finding out that the disaster preparedness guy doesn't even have a background in disaster management." 

The two talked about the disintegration of societal structure and government human capital and the effects it has on how massive industries, such as the energy grid, are affected.

Rieck told Jack that the positions and jobs people hold that usually keep society together will start to break down.  

"As we expect that to happen, people have to assume more responsibility for taking care of themselves," Rieck said. "The government is going to be increasingly less capable of maintaining the basic systems that we've come to rely on and even taken for granted." 

Telling Posobiec about modern citizens in the world, Rieck didn't think people would be able to handle that new responsibility well. "It's almost as if they're lazy... and unfortunately, if that's the mentality that you possess, you're gonna be waiting a very, very long time for [the government]," Rieck told Posobiec. 

Darren Beattie, Posobiec's other guest, added his thoughts to the conversation about the state of America's government and corporate infrastructure.  

Beattie said he believes the infrastructure of the United States is going to "get a lot worse" because of people's lack of skills in the first world.  

"In third world countries where infrastructure doesn't work, it's already kind of priced in and people have developed alternative procedures and practices... to sort of make up for government incompetence," Beattie said. "Whereas in the US, we have crumbling infrastructure and, really, plummeting competence, but we still have this belief system that things are functioning well."

Image: Title: Poso Rieck