Former Finnish PM parties in Helsinki after resigning office, divorce

Former Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin was the youngest female world leader a few months ago. After leaving office and divorcing her husband she is out partying in Helsinki in heels and a mini skirt.  

Marin was the youngest person to ever serve as Prime Minister of Finland and was the leader of the Social Democratic Party. She lost her election in the spring, divorced her husband, and is now having a hot girl summer.  

The 37-year-old is taking full advantage of her new single life and went last week to Flow - a music festival in Helsinki. 

Marin posed in photos with a bralette, chunky heels, and a mini skirt as she partied it up at the festival.  

Source: Sanna Marin, Instagram

One video shows a panoramic shot of one of the concerts she was attending with an enormous crowd around her. Some took to the comments underneath her post to voice their positive comments as well as concerns.  

One user commented, in English, "[I'm] pretty sure we would’ve achieved world peace already if most world leaders were as chill as Sanna." Another said, "A politician having fun and looking really cool. This gives a really good example to young people and you give Finland great PR." 

Some negative feedback came from others, with one user - translated from Finnish - said, "No sense of style at all. She is an immature woman sick of attention." 

Another, translated from Finnish also, said, "That b*tch still think she a teenager smh." 

She was joined by a group of friends, including Member of Finnish Parliament Nasima Razmyar, who is just 38 years of age and another member of the Social Democrat Party of Finland.  

In the post prior to the music concert, Marin said, "This summer I've had a proper summer vacation for the first time in a while." 

"Have a lovely summer everyone. And thank you to those who are working in the summer and taking care of us!" Marin continued.  

At the time of her stepping down, Marin did not announce any future plans besides staying on the backbench member of the Finnish Parliament. 

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