Norway bans child sex changes, joins Finland, Sweden, and UK in rejecting gender ideology

Norway appears to be making progress in drawing back some of its practices in carrying out child sex changes, with the Norwegian Healthcare Investigation Board saying that it plans to revise its current guidelines concerning “gender-affirming care” for minors because it no longer considers the research to be evidence-based, per the Washington Examiner.

The board has also suggested that the growing number of teenage girls identifying as male after puberty is still an area that remains under-studied. According to the report, the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and transition-related surgery would be reserved only for research contexts and no longer provided in medical settings.

With Norway drawing back some of its child sex-change procedures, it now joins the United Kingdom, Finland, and Sweden in safeguarding children from lifelong complications. The US has eight states that have banned affirmative care for individuals under the age of 18, with Tennessee being the latest of the bunch.

The Examiner noted that there is a “body of research” that suggests that many young people who deal with gender dysphoria ultimately come to terms with their body and the person they are without resorting to hormonal therapy and transition surgery. A recent study has suggested that the trans trend can be explained as a social contagion, but this runs counter to many activists who claim that virtually everyone who claims to be trans is experiencing something more authentic than social pressures and trends.

The social contagion study was carried out by Drs. Michael J. Bailey and Suzanna Diaz, and it was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study examined 1655 parent reports that were used to investigate the Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) hypothesis that was initially put forth by Dr. Lisa Littman in 2018.

At the time, activists claimed that Littman was transphobic and condemned the study as being invalid, but there has been evidence to support her hypothesis, and it has only grown over the past few years. However, it is unclear how these revelations will play into legislation across countries that are currently dealing with this phenomenon.

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