LIBBY EMMONS: 'Gender is not the soul,' speaking out against gender ideology with Let Women Speak

Women gathered in Austin, Texas on Saturday to speak out against harmful gender ideology that is stealing the futures of so many American children and teens. The Let Women Speak event was organized by Michelle Evans, and featured speakers Meghan Murphy, Prisha Mosely, Keri Smith, Tracy Shannon, K Yang, Amy Sousa, and so many others who would not be silenced.

Gender ideology declares that if children are not permitted to undergo medical sex change, they will take their own lives. The ideology declare that it is possible for children to be born in the wrong body, and that trans people and the LGBTQ community are lacking rigthts in America.

The LGBTQ movement is backed and funded by the federal government. President Joe Biden has mandated every federal agency to do more for trans inclusion. Most major corporations back Pride, sponsoring LGBTQ events across the country and bringing mandates about "inclusion" into the workplace. Congress has changed the term "mother," now referring to mothers as "birthing persons." All of this is done to boost the LGBTQ agenda, yet the movement claims its members are oppressed. They are not.

I spoke in Austin while trans activists screamed and tried to drown women out. Male trans activists in women's clothing screamed that they were women, and with their voices and megaphones, did their best to prevent women from speaking. The women, however, were not silenced.

These were my remarks:

Womanhood is not a feeling.
Gender is not the soul.
Medical technology cannot magically change your sex.
No child is born in the wrong body.
There are no boy toys and girl toys.

Amputating a young girl's breasts is not affirmation.
Healthy children don't need drugs or surgeries to be their true selves.
Puberty and adolescence are not illnesses that need to be cured.

It is better to grow up whole.
It is better to wait and see.
Teach your daughters that womanhood is not a curse.
Teach your sons that gender isn't a kink.
Let them know it's ok to be gay.

Fight back against the pharmaceutical industrial complex that would see us become lifelong medical patients in service to corporate profit.

Fight back against an educational system that blindly pushes the lies of gender ideology on children and claims it to be liberation.

Fight back against activists that change our language and seek to eliminate women's spaces entirely under the guise of compassion for those men who want access to them.

Fight back against politicians that pass laws to eliminate parental rights, enshrine gender identity into law, and demand compliance under threat of prosecution. They simply want to do what is popular, not what is right.

Women's identity is not up for debate. 

We get to define what we are. We get to say these are our bodies, these are our hearts, our souls, our mothers, our daughters. These are my sisters. 

We are begging for our right to exist. We demand it.

We are not long hair and dresses, we are not lipstick and high heels, we are simple female, we are half of the species, and what we are is not negotiable. 

You've taken too much from us, and we want it back. We want it all back. We're here to take it. We are taking back our words, our bodies, our spaces, our lives.

Speak up. Don't back down. Truth matters. Reality is worth fighting for.

Let Women Speak is a project founded by Kellie-Jay Keen, and she's taken her events across the world to give women a platform to speak out.

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