ADAM COLEMAN: Neil deGrasse Tyson is a high priest of the new gender religion

The most popular television shows tend to feature a unique character who viewers witness gradually transform into becoming someone who is barely recognizable as their original self. Their character arc is what ultimately keeps us drawn in, to either cheer for their success or take pleasure in their demise.

What's crazy is when this happens not as a result of carefully scripted storytelling but in real life. A public figure of great renown has undergone a character arc of great magnitude and cultural significance, and it's ending with stark disappointment. That man is the wholly beloved and jovial Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

For years, Tyson was America's preeminent public astrophysicist, as goofy as he was brilliant in the field of science, and he had an enthusiasm for educating the ignorant without chastising us for our lack of knowledge. 

His entire career objective appeared to be motivated by genuine care for upholding the truth while encouraging the exploration of the unknown. 

It appears the story arc of his public life has reached a curve that many of us didn't foresee. He now takes more personal delight in appearing as the smartest man in the room than actually ensuring that the truth isn't bent out of form. He's backing the lie that biological sex is a fiction, that gender is innate, and that it's possible for a person to switch from one to another.

Tyson recently appeared on Stephen A. Smith's podcast, "K[no]w Mercy," when the conversation veered onto the topic of gender at which Tyson incredulously expressed his opinion.

"Apparently the XX/XY chromosomes are insufficient because when we wake up in the morning, we exaggerate whatever feature we want to portray the gender of our choice. Either the one you're assigned, the one you choose to be—whatever it is!"

Tyson continued, "Suppose no matter my chromosomes today, I feel 80 percent female, 20 percent male. Now I'm gonna, I'm gonna put on makeup. Tomorrow, I might feel 80 percent male. I'll remove the makeup and I'll wear a muscle shirt. Why do you care?"

The once jovial, now ideological curmudgeon Tyson ends his diatribe with a condescending rhetorical question, "What businesses is it of yours to require that I fill your inability to think of gender on a spectrum?"

Tyson proclaims to be an atheist yet what we witnessed was the bending of truth to validate the core tenets of gender ideology, the latest progressive religion, perhaps more accurately described as a cult. He cast aside what he used to hold dear to his heart, the most scientifically basic understanding of biology, to embrace boutique progressive framing of human existence as being ever-changing and based solely on self-identification.

This is the same man that would not stand for people to identify Pluto as a planet because truth in the technicalities of science mattered more than upsetting the public and he was respected for standing on those principles though initially unpopular.

However, as time passed, Tyson's character curve was sharpened by arrogance the higher he was placed on the celebrity pedestal. His willingness to calmly explain the fascinating unknowns to an ignorant audience abruptly turned into him performatively acting Fauci-esque when laymen dared to question the validity of the alleged science being presented to them by politicians, bureaucrats, and pharmaceutical corporatists.

Ranging from his appearance on Stephen Colbert's show in March 2020, just prior to lockdowns, questioning if we will blindly follow along with so-called experts like Fauci, to his appearance on Bill Maher's show in January 2023 where he incredulously defended our pandemic response despite the horrendous collateral damage, to today where he's openly ridiculing rational people for adhering to the most basic concepts of mankind, Tyson's arc from respected scientist to foolish partisan panderer, high priest of nonsense, is complete.

Tyson is intelligent enough to understand that make-up and clothes don't define or alter your biological existence, but his intelligence isn't the issue: it's his arrogance. 

What the past couple of years has shown me about Tyson is that his curiosity ends where authority is questioned, whether it's the authority of the state or the authority of academic experts. 

Academia has been poisoned by an ideology that satisfies the God-less hole of egotistical academic atheists as it advocates for the worshiping of thyself even at the detriment of objective truth.

Tyson has long been baptized but we just didn't see it until recently as his aspiration to become the newest high priest of progressive statism requires public condemnation of non-believers.

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