EXCLUSIVE: Richard Baris says Trump nomination is inevitable, primary is 'not even close'

Jack Posobiec and Richard Baris of Big Data Poll discussed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' poor performance during the 2024 presidential primaries. 

Baris noted that DeSantis has had to shave nearly a third of his staff and continues to lean on heavy donors instead of grassroots efforts that have made former President Donald Trump's campaign successful thus far. 

Baris noted that donors have come to him, asking if it's "worth going" to a DeSantis fundraiser. "If you can't get money from those donors anymore, Jack ... his campaign will run out of money in six months, before Iowa." He rhetorically asked Posobiec what would have to happen for the average American to open their wallets and give their money to DeSantis over Trump. Baris then said that approximately 82 percent of Trump's campaign funding comes from low-dollar contributions, something that DeSantis' campaign has not taken advantage of.

"He is not getting that, and it went from 12 staffers to a third, and now he's just not having success in re-upping that money," he continued. "So you can't run a campaign ... you cannot do it even though that's the plan. You can't do it. So at this point, that's the money situation. And the polling situation has been dire for Ron DeSantis."

"It's not even close. Donald Trump was way ahead in the endorsements. The truth is, I think it was always overstated how competitive this primary ever was."

Posobiec cut in, saying that there are reports that various PACs are trying to find another candidate to challenge Trump, but that there are no takers. "But guess what? They are not interested. They're saying, 'You know what, maybe next time,' because they see the polls and they say, 'If Governor DeSantis couldn't do this with the year that he spent building a national brand, how do you expect us to do it in less than six months?'"

Baris noted that he was hearing the same thing, adding that "Ron DeSantis is at the lowest position he's ever been in the RCP average. Think about the money that could have been spent ... And yet, this is what they've chosen to waste their money and time on, and that's tragic."

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