DERANGED: LSU prof leaves threatening message for Louisiana state senator after passage of bill banning child sex changes

A professor at Louisiana State University (LSU) became unhinged over a message he left State Senator Mike Fesi after he had helped ban a bill that would have allowed child sex changes throughout the state. 

Journalist Greg Price took to Twitter to post the audio recording of LSU professor Marcus Venable, who went on a hate-filled tirade against the state senator for not pushing through a controversial bill that would have allowed children to undergo sex changes.

Venable said: “I just wanted to say congratulations to our state ‘Big Mike’ Fesi. That f*cking moron voted to make things worse for people who are already suffering. You fat f*cking piece of sh*t. You did not produce any god d*mn evidence to support the claims you made about people being harmed by transgender care, yet we have tons of empirical evidence that tells us [there are] increased suicide risks for people who don’t get this care.”

“So you, you big fat-headed motherf*cker, I can’t wait to read your name in the f*cking obituary. I will make a god d*mn martini made from the tears of butt-hurt conservatives when we put your f*cking a** in the ground, you fat f*cking useless piece of sh*t. F*ck you, I hope you have a terrible day. Go f*ck yourself.”

Price posted a second tweet, which featured a few reviews of Venable from the Rate My Professor website. 

One student wrote that the class was not mandatory, but that “attending class will get you an A because his tests are lecture heavy. It may be an easy class, but Venable can make you go insane if you internally disagree with his politics. He curses the entire class as he forces his leftist political opinions on you.”

Another student wrote: “I wouldn’t recommend taking this class. The class isn’t very hard, but he is very opinionated and pushes his leftist political ideas on the class. He curses almost every other word and is always yelling about something. This class wasn’t very enjoyable and he talked about uncomfortable topics unsenstivley [sic]. Wouldnt recommend [sic] this class.”

Another wrote: “Uses. profane language continuously. Loud mouth, opinionated ass-hat. His IQ is clearly very low, and it makes zero sense the university ever hired this guy. If you don't agree with his far, far left beliefs, then you are garbage to him. Likely a pedo or serial killer. Needs to be investigated to see if there are bodies on his property.”

Again: “Should never be allowed to teach ever again.”

Chloe Cole tweeted: “If you’re wondering what this professor could possibly be specializing in… ofc it’s sex offender rights.”

On the school’s website, it says that Venable’s research interests are “criminology, sexual assault, sex offender recidivism, and sex-offender registries.”

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