EXCLUSIVE: Pollster Richard Baris TRASHES Monmouth poll, 'This is what Monmouth always does'

Friday on Human Events, Jack Posobiec spoke with the director of Big Data Poll, Richard Baris, about the latest data from a new Monmouth University poll that shows President Joe Biden ahead of former President Donald Trump 47-40 percent. 

Posobiec said that there are a lot of people using this poll to say that "it's over for Trump, he's slaughtered even if there's third-party spoilers" and asked Baris what his take is on the poll.

He responded, "This is Monmouth." 

"For those of us who have been doing this for years, this is what Monmouth does," he continued. "Two months ago, they'll have Trump up a few points. They'll have his favourability rating. Doing better, then next month they'll have him down by five, which by the way, is two points better than they had them doing in their final poll in 2016. And his favorability rating will be at like 26 percent. When everybody else has Trump's favorability rating recuperating, you know, a lot more than that."

"When your favorability for Donald Trump is lower than Mike Pence, you've done something wrong," He added. "Everybody should automatically be able to look at that and see that obviously, it's very easy to have a response bias with 900 registered voters" he added. 

Baris mentioned that in their polling they "can't get Trump's favorability below 38" and they are typically lower than other polls. So to him, the poll is an "outlier."  

He noted that he "Didn't see anybody doing or making the same points when ABC News last month at Trump up by seven." 

The Monmouth University poll released on Thursday was conducted on 910 adults, 840 of which are registered voters via telephone between July 12-17. The margin of error is 4.9 percent, according to the website. 

The poll shows that 26 percent of voters will definitely vote for Donald Trump, while 36 percent will definitely vote for Joe Biden. When a third-party candidate is added in Trump's support drops to 21 percent and Bidens to 30 percent. 

Image: Title: Baris