BREAKING: NATO rejects Ukraine, does not offer help toward peace deal as war with Russia rages on

Jack Posobiec of Human Events spoke about the recent revelation that NATO members decided that they will not extend Ukraine an invitation to bid for membership. 

Posobiec quoted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's recent tweet, which seemed to suggest that he learned of NATO's decision en route to Vilnius for the summit.

Posobiec characterized NATO's behavior toward Ukraine as simply fighting Russia "for us."

"'Thanks for fighting Russia for us. Better luck next time, but we'll be more than happy to send you more weapons. We'd be more than happy to send you more vehicles to get blown up in your counteroffensive while your people have to die fighting Russia for us, and we'll continue to arm you, but we're not actually going to lift a finger to defend you ourselves.'"

"Ukraine really needs to ask themselves what's going on here? Are you really dealing with people who have your best interests at heart? There's, look, I said last week, sue for peace. I'm saying it again. I'll say this Zelensky. I'll say it proud and I'll say it to whoever needs to listen. President Zelensky, your people deserve better than to be blown up in the minefields [of] this war."

Posobiec urged Zelensky not to trust NATO, adding that "they lied to you once, they're gonna lie to you again. You honestly think they're gonna put Ukraine in NATO while you're in an active conflict with Russia? It ain't gonna happen. It just ain't gonna happen. You got played, and I'm sure you got paid. I'm sure you made out like a bandit. And I'm sure your condos and accounts down in Panama are wealthier because of it folks."

Raheem Kassam added: "I don't think you could take the leadership of any NATO countries seriously ever again. You know, they're already hanging by a thread and most of them, in terms of popular consensus behind their views. And I don't think anybody, I mean, so you'd have riots on the streets overnight if Ukraine were allowed into NATO overnight and invoked Article Five, because that would effectively mean a third world war."

Posobiec responded: "And I think honestly, when we look at the situation on the ground, they're [Ukraine] being chewed up in this counteroffensive. There was no spring counteroffensive. It's turned into a summer counteroffensive. It's one that was not co-signed by any of the leaders of Ukraine's military or their Ministry of Defense. This idea that they were just basically flinging themselves at Russian minefields and Russian artillery has turned into a complete nightmare materialistically for the Ukrainians, and it doesn't surprise me at all."

Posobiec and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer recently discussed how the US ammunitions stockpile is critically low after sending more much weaponry to Ukraine in their right against Russia. The shortage could present a serious situation for the US military, should they find themselves in a conflict with China if they attack Taiwan. 

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