EXCLUSIVE: Darren Beattie says France should adopt El Salvador president's solution and crack down on rioters

On July 5, Jack Posobiec of Human Events and Darren Beattie of Revolver News discussed the riots happening in France at the time and how El Salvador President Nayib Bukele would restore order in the country. 

Posobiec suggested that the Bukele "has shown us there is a quick and simple way to deal with crime," saying, "it's called incarceration." When asked how Bukele would deal with the situation in France, Beattie responded, "Bukele is one of the exceptions. He is truly remarkable."

"El Salvador wasn't just any country. This was the hotbed of one of the most brutal and violent gangs in the world, MS-13, and just a crime-ridden country, and this one guy demonstrated that, you know, it is actually possible to contain the worst type of violence, as you said, through incarceration, or a little bit of toughness," he said.

He added that other governments in the West are on Bukele’s case about the tactics that he uses to bring order. "It's embarrassing to us for somebody like this to step up and show how easy it is if you actually have a competent government that cares about a citizen," Beattie said of the US government.

"All of these human rights groups complaining, you know, you got to use human rights in quotation marks," he added about human rights organizations. "Everyone, you know, should legitimately care about human rights and the two cents, but it doesn't serve human rights to allow the most brutal type of violence to metastasize in the way that it was in El Salvador, it’s not human rights to allow these problems persist in France. It's not a human right to just simply sit back and allow violence to continue and allow your own citizens to be terrorized."

"...the prevailing Western order that really requires this kind of combination of anarchy and tyranny," Beattie explained. "That you know certain demographics, certain population groups. Basically, the criminals get a free pass while law-abiding, responsible, good traditional citizens. They're the whole point and whole force of the government's hostility," Beattie continued.

"It's very encouraging to see at least somewhere there's competent, smart, and tough leadership. So I fully congratulate Mr. Bukele on his amazing accomplishments," he concluded.

Earlier in the episode, Beattie suggested, "If the French government and really the overwhelming majority of French people decided they wanted to put an end to this for good, they could do it within a matter of weeks." He noted, "There would be international condemnation, whining about human rights, but the physical element of doing that is well within the capacities of the French government and the French people."

France saw riots earlier this month after a 17-year-old of Algerian decent was killed by a police officer in what Posobiec described as a "George Floyd, Derek Chauvin kind of situation." He noted that the video showed the teen "was actually attempting to run over the other officer who was on the hood of the car" when he was shot by the cop.

Image: Title: HE Beattie