Homeless assailant who attacked grandmother and young girl in Bordeaux, France identified as repeat offender

The violent attack on a young girl and her elderly grandmother by a homeless man in Bordeux, France on Monday has sent shockwaves across the European nation, with politicians rethinking the country's lax immigration and soft-on-crime policies, and questioning "How we got here."

The assailant has been identified as Brahima B. He has previously been arrested 50 times. He was born in 1993 in Bordeaux to African migrant parents.

Marine Le Pen, deputy and departmental councilor of Pas-de-Calais and president of the RN group at the National Assembly, explained that violent attacks on the people of France by illegal immigrants and repeat offenders have grown to be a regular occurrence, and called on the French government to take immediate action to find solutions that will keep the people safe.

"The images of a little girl and her grandmother attacked in broad daylight in Bordeaux are unbearable. These attacks are daily and insecurity, aggravated by the migratory chaos, is becoming endemic," Le Pen said. "How many videos like this does it take for the power to react?"

The incident Marine Le Pen is referring to, which was captured on video, occurred around 5:30 pm at Place de l'Europe, in the heart of Bordeaux, Daily Mail reports.

A viral video shows the grandmother and child standing in the doorway of a building before beginning to go inside as a man stands off in the distance. 

As the door begins to close, the man walks toward the door, sticking his foot in to prevent it from fully closing. He then reaches inside, pulling the two to the sidewalk. He grabs the little girl by the wrist and throws her down the sidewalk, grabbing loose items from the ground before running off.

Police arrested the Frenchman an hour after the attack, who is a repeat offender with 15 prior criminal convictions, according to the outlet. A blood alcohol test was performed on the suspect and came back negative. During the arrest, police said they used an electroshock weapon due to his agitated state.

Prosecutors say that the suspect was a homeless robber that attempted to kidnap a 7-year-old child and attacked her 73-year-old grandmother in the process.

The grandmother sustained significant injuries to her head, elbow, and foot, and remains in the hospital, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors explained that the young child suffered cuts and bruises and released a statement saying, "She will be seen again today, as well as the child, so that a forensic doctor can carry out a complete expertise of the two victims and determine the psychological consequences of this act of particular violence, as evidenced by the video broadcast on the social media," according to Daily Mail.

Eric Ciotti, Republican party leader, slammed France's soft-on-crime policies and explained that this attack could have been prevented.

"This major repeat offender should be in prison!" Ciotti said, according to the outlet.

Eric Zemmour, a French conservative commentator, spoke on the incident and said, "What a horror. Bordeaux today. This is what they have done to our country." He called on the French people to "wake up!

Government spokesperson Olivier Veran condemned the 'gratuitous violence' expressing that the incident "illustrates the need for security for the French people," however, the Mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic, explained that this incident should not be used by people looking for a "scapegoat."

"The answers to be given are not simple: they are only simple for those who are looking for scapegoats [...] I will not howl with the wolves, that is the easy solution," Mayor Hurmic said, according to Daily Mail.

This violent attack occurred just days after a Syrian refugee stabbed six people, two adults and four children, in a knife rampage attack at a park in the town of Annecy.

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