BREAKING: Shocking footage of African man brutally attacking woman and little girl in Bordeaux, France

A woman and little girl were attacked on Monday after a man pulled the two from inside a building in Bordeau, France.

The video shows the woman and child standing in the doorway before beginning to go inside as a man stands off in the distance. 

As the door begins to close, the man walks toward the door, sticking his foot in to prevent it from fully closing. He then reaches inside, pulling the two to the sidewalk. He grabs the little girl by the wrist and throws her down the sidewalk, grabbing loose items from the ground before running off.

According to Infos Bordeaux, the unnamed assailant is known to the police and was arrested.

French politicians expressed outrage on Twitter, with former French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour writing, "How awful. Bordeaux today. This is what they have done to our country. French, wake up."

French National Rally leader Jordan Bardella wrote, "These images of a gratuitous attack targeting a woman and a young girl in Bordeaux are terrifying. I don't want a France where you can be attacked, for nothing, on your doorstep. Never get used to this."

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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