DAVID MARCUS: Corrupt news media can’t save Biden from Ukrainian bribery scandal

If they weren’t so deeply troubling, the numbers revealed by Media Research Center on the amount of time major network news spent on the alleged Biden bribery scandal would be laughable. Between June 8th and June 12th, the days following the bombshell breaking of the Biden story as well as the announcement of Donald Trump’s second indictment, ABC, CBS, and NBC spent 291 minutes on Trump, and not a single second on the Biden corruption saga. 

Sadly this pathetic lack of curiosity is not surprising. After all, this is the same liberal media that took two years to admit the Hunter Biden laptop was real, and that only after buying hook, line, and sinker into a fabulous tale of Russian disinformation. All the while, mind you, not a single person in Biden world ever denied the laptop was Hunter’s. Not one time. 

But this week, as more revelations emerge a significant tide has turned. The big three networks can ignore this story all they want, but it is now too big, too real, too fleshed out to go away. Between huge conservative outlets like Fox News, the Daily Mail, the New York Post, and the galaxy of smaller online right wing media, this shocking story is making its way into the public consciousness. So what changed?

The most important and obvious change is that Republicans under the leadership of Speaker Kevin McCarthy now have the power to run investigations and compel cooperation. For all the “woe is us,” hand wringing after the disappointing 2022 midterms, the slim victory in the People’s House has finally unlocked the Pandora's Box of Biden corruption. From FBI documents, to bank records, and beyond the GOP has in just 6 months uncovered a treasure trove of nefarious actions.

Last Month, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer revealed that a whopping 9 members of Biden’s family had received payments from foreign interests, and just like that the idea that Hunter Biden was just one bad egg went up in a puff of crack smoke. There is no more innocent explanation to this spider web network of payments to the Bidens than there is of Hunter’s laughable $83,000 a month position on Burisma’s board of directors.

And speaking of Burisma–the Ukrainian gas company at the heart of Donald Trump’s first impeachment–this month Comer obtained, after long objections from FBI Director Chrishtopher Wray, a document directly alleging a bribery scheme. That’s right, according to a credible, long time FBI informant, the owner of the company claims to have directly given $10 million dollars to the Bidens, and says he has the receipts in the form of recorded phone calls, which he kept as “insurance.”

And now, Joe Biden is starting to get more questions about this whole sordid mess, this week when asked at a pool spray why the FBI document refers to him as “The Big Guy,” a clearly agitated president snapped back asking, “Why’d you ask such a dumb question?” Here’s why Joe, because that nickname for you comes up time and again in this scandal, oh and also, when first asked about all of this you blatantly lied about never having spoken to Hunter about his business dealings. That’s why.

The truth is a funny thing. It can be hidden, it can be hard to find, but it’s always there, and like a weed it always finds a way to pop through obfuscation and make itself known. For years now the mainstream media has tended to the garden of Joe Biden’s image with loving care, protecting the few flowers and fruits while hiding the infestation of corruption. But it's not working anymore, this story is not going away.

It has become completely obvious that the liberal news media is trying to run the Hunter laptop play again, to ignore it for as long as possible, and eventually, maybe years later, gravely say, “oh well, maybe there was something to it after all, but it's not a big deal.” But this is, in the immortal words of Joe Biden himself, a big f*cking deal and there isn’t a rug in the world big enough to sweep it under.

Do not get distracted. There is only one major, earth shattering story in American politics today, it is the Biden bribery scandal. The dam is breaking and sooner rather than later, as always, the truth will out.

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