JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: New York State wants to gender transition kids without telling their parents

The New York State Department of Education has formally instructed educators to keep a student’s gender identity secret from parents. Under new guidance for “transgender and gender expansive students,” the state has determined that in service to “creating a safe, supportive, and affirming school environment,” students’ secrets will be kept at school.

Parents, the New York State DOE has decided, do not have rights where their children’s mental state is concerned, nor rights to know if their child is seeking to change their name, their pronouns, or their gender. Further, in the event that a student does seek medical sex changes, parents are considered “abusive” if they don’t go along with it. Abuse, of course, is grounds for child services to step in and remove a child from their family home.

By implementing these measures–and being proud about it–the New York State DOE is showing us that their priority isn’t education but perverting children. This is done via two primary tools in the Marxist tool-kit: the application of racism and sex.

The racism grift is going according to plan. With Critical Race Theory (CRT), white Americans are being shamed and that shame is working, Asian Americans are being ignored and dismissed despite hard work and talent, and black Americans are being told they will always be oppressed. This has all become a massive industry built entirely on racial division. 

Critical gender theory and queer theory is also used by leftists to cripple the nuclear family and stunt procreation. But as yet, this hasn’t yielded satisfactory results. Not enough children have rejected their biological sex, identified as animals, or are attracted to the same sex, so they have to keep pushing. While the number of youths who identify as transgender has doubled over the past five years, it’s simply not enough for the teachers unions. Only five percent of young adults in America say their gender is different from their sex assigned at birth.

The New York State Department of Education, which should be relabeled as the Department of Perverts, will not stand idly by and let these stats stand, instead, they have a plan, and they are implementing it on the students of the greatest city on earth.

“The New York State Department of Education would like to…thank the following stakeholders who have…provided advice…in the development of Creating a Safe, Supportive, and Affirming School Environment for Transgender and Gender Expansive Students.” Translation, all hands are on deck to ratchet up the numbers. The Department of Education has made updates; school personnel, students, parents,and guardians will work within a framework to “create a safe, supportive, and affirming school environment for transgender and gender expansive students.” 

This is the complete list of which kids New York State Education Department is targeting: Public school (pre-kindergarten through high school and continuing education), charter schools, boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), public colleges and universities, universal pre-K, Head Start or other publicly funded pre-kindergarten programs, private schools at all educational levels (excluding those which are run by a religious organization, and for-profit non-sectarian colleges, universities, licensed career schools, or certified English as a second language schools.

For any parents thinking their families are immune, think again. They’re coming for your toddlers; pre-k means two to four year olds. They’re coming for religious schools, where many sought refuge during COVID mandates and CRT, even though they say they’re not, because many of the religious schools have opted into accreditation. And yes, they’re most certainly coming for private schools. 

In fact, private school families might fare the worst. The majority have opted into accreditation meaning, they report to NAIS, the railhead of all evil. Thanks to “substantial equivalency”, their program must be comparable in program content and educational experience as public. Paying a hefty private school tuition equates to a public school “curriculum” and governance. NAIS is fully committed to the trangender movement. 

Per NAIS: “As mission-driven institutions, independent schools have a head start in setting the tone for dialogue and discernment about the issues and concerns that can arise when they attempt to meet the needs of transgender or transitioning students. Independent school leaders know that being proactive about matters related to diversity and inclusion yields the most effective outcomes, and this applies to the complexities of gender as well.” 

Here are the “updates” to New York education: “terminology” will be taken seriously and violating it will have consequences. “Understanding the common terminology associated with gender identity is important to providing a safe and supportive school environment for students. Students may use other terms to describe their gender identity, appearance, or behavior. Terminology and language describing TGE and intersex individuals can differ based on region, language, race or ethnicity, age, culture, and many other factors. School staff and educators should ask students which terms they use and generally use the term the student uses to describe themselves.” 

“School staff” is going to plant the seeds of perversion by asking bizarre questions and a two year old better get it right, or else mom and dad might get in trouble.

On the heels of planting the seeds of confusion comes the next blow: transitioning.  New York State Department of Education makes it fun and has created a “miniature society” so that transitioners can “interact with peers” and experiment with different dress, style, and hair. 

Then comes the medical transition: “Some TGE students may express readiness to reinforce their social transition with medical treatments, sometimes referred to as medical transition. The decision for a TGE student to access gender affirming medical treatment is left up to the student, their parent/guardian, and their medical care team.”

The New York State Department of Education says, “In some cases, schools will need to provide extra assistance for TGE students to support them and keep them safe. Schools will want to work closely with the student and their parents/guardians, if given permission by the student to involve them in the planning, in devising an appropriate.” Sounds destructive and expensive.   

Here’s the part where the New York State of Education renders parents irrelevant and a danger to their own kids: “The student is in charge of their gender transition and the school’s role is to provide support. If a student has formally requested to transition at school, the school administrator or another trusted adult, preferably trained in supporting LGBTQ and Gender Expansive students, can meet with the student and determine the steps the student is comfortable taking. During this conversation, school administration or the trusted adult may want to inquire with whom the student is comfortable discussing their transition. Some TGE students have not talked to their families about their gender identity because of safety concerns or lack of acceptance and may begin their transition at school without parent/guardian knowledge.”

Finally, the New York State of Education offers some advice to educators and school staff.  Instead of “separating by boys/girls for two groups”, use “equity sticks.” Instead of having boys wear pants and girls wear dresses for formal events, everyone must wear “white tops and black bottoms.” 

China had Mao’s Guards, America will have the Trans Guards.

Image: Title: hochul adams