JACQUELINE TOBOROFF: No, New York, drug vending machines are NOT for kids

Drugs are going to be impossible to avoid in New York City. The subject has shifted entirely away from the taboo, somewhat difficult to procure, done in dark corners, hidden from parents kind of activity. Now, New York and New York City leadership seemingly want kids hooked on drugs and want parents to endorse it.  

From farmers markets, to concerts, to festivals, to vending machines, crack pipes to weed can be sold, bought, and consumed in public. Moreover, all these distribution hubs are centered around family friendly interests. 

The drug-themed vending machine pilot program is offers drugs and drug paraphernalia. Vending machines traditionally include kid-friendly junk food and soda. So, drugs are as easy to buy as candy. This distribution method softens the horror of the product.

Who goes to a Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber concert? Who goes to a vending machine after a little league game? Who goes to the farmers market shopping for food for their family? Who mills around festivals searching for crystals, zeppoles, and tie-dyed onesies? Criminals, drug addicts and drug lords? No. Families, kids, and teenagers. And that’s where these vending machines are located.

Unlike so many ghoulish policies making life downright inhospitable in New York City, there's nothing as destructive and nefarious as government's desire to turn children into zombies. It's actually the linchpin stripping away parental rights on all other matters. If the parent is preoccupied with an addict, what time is left to combat anything else, from rampant crime, to CRT in schools, to fighting to preserve gas stoves?

Local government's target audience ensures a financial windfall. For marijuana alone, New York will generate over $1.25 billion in tax colection over the next six years according to an estimate included in New York Governor Hochul's executive budget. This doesn't include the cost of paraphernalia or rehab.  

What's more, Hochul is in a jam. Roughly 200 New York farmers who grew 300,000 pounds of cannabis– the equivalent of more than 272 million half-gram joints– were ready to pounce on distribution but the State was a derelict drug lord and the drug dealing roll-out was too slow. To make amends, Hochul has an idea. Farmers can distribute weed at farmers' markets, during music concerts, Jones Beach Park, UBS Arena near Belmont Park, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and Race Track or on New York City-owned property that includes the Mets Citi Field and Yankee stadium.

There's just one problem; current law forbids cannabis sales on government property, including parks. Luckily, we have an administration adroit at sidestepping the law.

Marijuana is considered a gateway drug, carrying "harmful risks in and of itself, but it is also more likely to lead a person into using other drugs over time", according to San Antonio Recovery Center. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says, "Some research suggests that marijuana use is likely to precede use of other licit substances and the development of addiction to other substances." This includes alcohol and harder drugs, like heroin, cocaine, and crack.

Speaking of crack, Mayor Adams' drug themed vending machines are such a hit, they were depleted within 24 hours. Addicts loaded up on the "free", as in taxpayer funded, crack pipes, lip balm and Narcan, which come in a neat little make-up bag with the "NYC Health" logo–it's beyond parody. Also available are fentanyl test strips, 

As per the NY Post, addicts love Mayor Adams' pro drug stance. "Yes, I love it," said drug user Evelyn Williams. She continued,  "We have a lot of addicts and heroin users over here, They should re-stock it immediately!" 

There were some criticisms. Crack smoker, mother of six and grandmother of nine, Minoshi Calpe, told the NY Post, "The crack pipes are a little too thin now…And every time I pull on [the newer ones], it was burning my lips. I was like, 'Hell, no! I like my lips too much for this. I do my little crack here and there. I smoke my pipe, and I smoke weed. I don't lace none of my stuff with stuff. I'm trying to get high, not die" before dancing off down the street."

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