Nigel Farage says 'climate lockdowns' could be next step in London mayor's net-zero carbon plan

Former British politician Nigel Farage took aim at far-left London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a video posted to Twitter, claiming that the recent climate-related remarks made by the mayor could see "climate lockdowns" become a reality “in the years to come.”

Farage said: “Finally, Summer is here. That means no wind, and it’s warm, and it’s muggy. It means that boats are crossing the [English] Channel. But here’s the point of this little chat: Sadiq Khan said today, the mayor of London, the pollution and air quality today in the capital will be very, very high indeed.”

"He’s telling us don’t use your car unnecessarily. No engine idling, no burning of wood or waste. Mark my words: This isn’t going to end with 20-mile-an-hour zones and low traffic neighborhoods. No, no. This is the beginning of climate lockdown. We will have, in years to come, days when we’re told we can’t drive. 'We can’t do this; we can’t do that.'”

“Remember, you’ve heard it here first: climate lockdowns," Firage said.

However, the climate is not the only subject that Khan has addressed. Leaked documents recently revealed that Khan has asked his staff not to use gender-specific language, such as “ladies and gentleman,” per LBC. It was also reported that officials working under Khan were not to use the word “illegal” when talking about migrants in the country. 

According to the leaked documents, the words “men” and “women” are “dated and medicalised.”

These developments come as Khan prepares to run for a third term as the mayor of London, a position he has held since 2016. According to the Evening Standard, Khan’s favorability with Londoners is around 50 percent, which represents a three-point drop since the last time such a poll was carried out in January 2022. 

A third of those surveyed (32 percent) noted that they felt Khan was doing “very badly.”

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