UK foster mother had social services called on her for questioning school’s teaching of gender ideology

The deputy headteacher at a UK school reported a foster mother after the woman questioned the school's teaching of gender ideology in its curriculum. 

According to the Telegraph, the official claimed that the woman, who can't be named for legal reasons, was exposing the children to "exceptionally bigoted" views. The children are "looked after physically," but they might "expound similar bigoted viewpoints" as their mother. 

"I am very concerned about the environment these girls are growing up in if the views she gives in her email and the views [sic] she is giving at home," she wrote. "The girls are well presented, well fed, looked after physically, and loved, but how are they going to grow up in terms of their views if these are the views they are hearing from their carer?"

“Do we want children in care who are already traumatized to expound similar bigoted viewpoints?” She concluded. 

The mother raised questions in an email after the school taught a lesson that included a video with a supposedly 'non-binary' 12-year-old child saying gender is "dynamic" and toilets are "just another way to categorize people." 

The school had a lesson on the "genderbread person" which teaches students that "gender is a spectrum." It teaches that a person has four categories, that determine their gender and it can be "fluid." Those categories are Identity, Expression, Attraction, and Sex. The teaching has been criticized as "unscientific nonsense" by some. 

The mother wanted the school's teachings to be more balanced with more gender-critical materials instead of the one-sided ideology that was being presented. 

"It’s inevitable that if [the teacher] had been successful, my kids would have been split up and the damage would have been phenomenal," told the Telegraph. "The fact that I was ever deemed to be a risk to my children, and that… they would meet together to discuss it horrified me and made me feel incredibly vulnerable."

"Although you’re given children that initially you don’t know, by raising them and having them in your family you grow to love them as your own. And they are precious to me," she continued. "It’s not OK for her to judge or police my tone or thinking. That’s overstretching her remit, and compelled speech is one of the first steps to fascism.”

The woman was able to keep her children but is worried that it was because she has an "exemplary" record. She and a group of parents are taking up a class action lawsuit against the government for allowing teachings from activist groups to make their way into classrooms. 

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