CHARLIE KIRK: Radical leftists who refuse to co-exist with conservatives are pushing US toward national divorce

Speaking at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Conference on Saturday, founder Charlie Kirk touched on the prospect of a national divorce, stating that the idea "makes me very sad," but added that leftists in the nation do not want to live in the same country as conservatives.

"I don’t support the secession stuff," Kirk said, responding to a question from an audience member. "We are probably headed towards a national divorce, and that makes me very sad. I don’t celebrate that. I want to do everything we possibly can to keep the union together."

"But let’s be very clear," he added, "the radical left does not want to live in the country with us. They don’t. They are the ones that pass sanctuary city laws when they defied federal government immigration law, when they said illegals are welcome. They’re the ones that routinely talk about how they don’t want to live in a country with us."

"What do I have in common with somebody in downtown San Francisco?" he questioned, noting that "they salute the gay flag" while he salutes the American flag. "I believe the Constitution, they do not. I believe skin color doesn’t matter, they believe skin color does matter."

"What really unifies us anymore? Very little."

Kirk said that unless something "dramatically changes" within the next 10 to 15 years, "We are going to probably see a national divorce. And that really makes me sad."

"Unless a leader can come in and heal this country and absolutely put the radical Marxists in their place and put this country back to actually the place it should be, which is a center-right country, then we’re probably going to be in a really really difficult spot. I don’t celebrate that."

Kirk said that it was "unsustainable" to have the middle states of America, like Kansas, Mississippi, the Dakotas, and Nebraska "completely just waged war upon by Washington DC and the rest of the country."

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