LIBBY EMMONS: When Biden advocates for 'care' for trans youth he means mutilation

As the nation heads once again into Pride month, President Joe Biden has stepped up to condemn many American states for opposing what he calls "medically necessary health care" for "transgender youth."

But just as he proclaimed in 2022 that American parents should "affirm" their kids, meaning accept that their children were born in the wrong bodies and need medical intervention to make them appear as the opposite sex, the "Proclamation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Pride Month" shows that Biden has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

When Biden stated that "In 2023 alone, state and local legislatures have already introduced over 600 hateful laws targeting the LGBTQI+ community. Books about LGBTQI+ people are being banned from libraries," he likely believed it–if he even read it before it was posted to the White House web site.

But it's unlikely that he knows what any of this glossy language is actually obfuscating, so we can break it down. State and local legislatures introduced bills to protect women's sports and allow women to play on sex-segregated teams. This allows for fair competition and prevents boys who say they are girls from taking scholarships and prizes intended for female athletes.

States have restricted males from using women's washrooms, bathrooms, and locker room facilities. This prevents males who may have malintent who would use the cover of a trans identity from entering women's areas where they are undressing, washing, using the toilet facilities, or showering.

Still, other states have made it illegal for educators and schools to keep secrets about a student's gender identity from his or her parents. One case that spurred on such legislation in Florida saw teachers and school administrators keep a girl's gender identity secret from her family until that girl tried to commit suicide on school grounds.

When the girl's father confronted the school about it, he learned they believed they would not accept the girl because he is Catholic. The school believed they were protecting the girl by keeping her secrets from her family, but instead, it was facilitating her attempted suicide and isolating those who truly cared about her.

For Biden, any man who gets it into his head to say he is a woman really is one, and the legislators across the country who actually know what a woman is are heartless and anti-trans. Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia have all passed laws banning sex changes for minors. 

This means doctors in those states cannot provide puberty blockers, which prevent a child from maturing into an adult, cross-sex hormones, which would give the teen the secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex, such as facial and body hair and deep voices for girls and enlarged breast development in boys as well as stunted growth. Surgeries in service to sex changes come in a variety of procedures. For girls, the option to have their healthy breasts removed is often available to those as young as 13 years old. Facial feminization or masculinization procedures are available. Most children's hospitals do not provide genital reconstruction surgery until the age of 17. 

However, reality TV star Jazz Jennings, whose parents transitioned him socially as a child and then medically starting prior to puberty, underwent vaginoplasty at the age of 18, but was prepping for it in the years leading up to it. This procedure seeks to invert the penis and turn it into a cavity that gives the appearance of a vagina. In Jennings' case, there were massive complications due primarily to the fact that he had been transitioned so young that puberty blockers were administered prior to the development of a penis. There was not enough flesh to create the desired result and so doctors used a portion of the intestine to construct the neo-vagina. A Dutch boy died from complications after a procedure like this.

One of Jennings' doctors was Marci Bowers, a trans-identified male who also is president of the leading international association for trans health, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, or WPATH. WPATH has no age-restricted guidance on medical sex changes, saying that parents and doctors should decide how young is too young for a given patient. Bowers also noted that no biologically male patient he has put on puberty blockers and then transitioned to cross-sex hormones has ever had an orgasm or experienced sexual satisfaction.

For President Biden, denying a minor a lifetime of sexual satisfaction simply so that they are perceived as being of the opposite sex is the compassionate thing to do.

For girls, phalloplasty involved the removal of muscle and flesh from either the forearm or the inner thigh to construct a forever-flaccid, sausage-like appendage that is stitched onto the pelvic area. It does not have sufficient nerve endings to produce orgasm, and does not function as a male reproductive organ does. Girls and boys who undergo these procedures are sterilized and will thus never be able to reproduce.

A trans-identified male lawmaker in Montana decried the deprivation of these procedures, saying it was cruel to make a child go through puberty and "tantamount to torture." In many of these states, the performance of these surgeries by doctors will result in felony charges or the loss of their ability to practice medicine.

"Transgender youth in over a dozen States have had their medically necessary health care banned," the White House said on Biden's behalf. The ACLU is taking up suit against many of these states, as is Biden's Department of Justice. They take up this fight under the pleasing words of compassion, equality, equity, and care, but these offerings from American medical providers are nothing more than the mutilation of children.

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