BREAKING: Jack Posobiec and Darren Beattie slam Biden's move to purge US Armed Forces of 'extremists'

The host of Human Events with Jack Posobiec and Revolver News founder Darren Beattie took aim at President Joe Biden’s attempts to apparently purge "extremism" from the US military by removing Trump supporters.

Revolver News was the first to expose Bishop Garrison and the Pentagon group tasked with carrying out this operation.

Posobiec said that “Media Matters is very upset” and “emotionally disturbed” over Beattie's fight with the Biden administration about the prevalence of extremism in the US military. The host comically followed this up with, “Darren, how did you do this? Are you working for Russia? What is going on here?”

Beattie quickly chimed in with an equally humorous response, saying “Guilty as charged.”

He went on to mention that Media Matters was a “disgraced, second-tier, Soros-funded rag,” whose job it is to essentially “sit around all day and dig through our trash.” Beattie was referencing Media Matters' sifting through Revolver’s past stories to see if they could find any dirt on the outlet.

Furthermore, Beattie’s strong words for the media outlet came after they had criticized a piece by Revolver News that broke a story about Bishop Garrison, who was apparently put in charge to “run this counter-extremism group in the Pentagon to monitor the social media activity and basically, to conduct an ideological purge of Trump supporters and conservatives in the military.”

Beattie mentioned that it was important to keep in mind that all of his went down in the wake of the January 6 debacle, when Biden was expressing a “desire to purge the military of 'extremists,' by which, of course, he meant Trump supporters, [or] anyone who is against open borders, anyone who doesn’t want to see tuck-friendly bikinis at Target.”

As a way to combat this so-called extremism, Biden reportedly set up a special group within the Pentagon, whose job it was to counter extremism in the military. Consequently, Garrison was given the task of heading up this group. However, Revolver News eventually broke the story about Garrison and this “nefarious” group, which ultimately led to the “neutralization” of Garrison’s effort.

Beattie said that Media Matters, which he characterized as “Soros’ little team of janitors... weren’t too happy about this.” He also mentioned that Garrison’s group was something of an operation used to try and push Trump supporters out of the military, which have wrongly been characterized and demonized as extremists.

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