BREAKING: Jack Posobiec urges US to focus on trade, foreign policy as China gains international influence

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec discussed on Wednesday the important differences between the US and China, especially as it relates to what each of the countries has determined to be the most important for its future.

Posobiec said that the “wings of the Dragon are stretching from Beijing,” suggesting that China’s immense influence is starting to get traction around the world. China recently announced that it plans to land on the moon in 2030, as they sent a three-member crew to the Chinese space station to carry out experiments on Tuesday.

However, those in the US are “not focused on going to the moon,” or “going to Mars,” Posobiec said. “We’re arguing over everybody. We’re getting in everyone’s face. We’re screaming about it, demonizing countries that we could be working with [in order] to contain China, but we’re not.”

The podcast host explained China’s goals, saying that the nation is “focused on territory, control, territorial expansion, [and] resource extraction around the world. And they’re focused on technology, and they’re pushing it forward. They’re training their children to be focused on a forward-focused economy.”

Posobiec explained that when he lived in China, he was told that the Chinese economy was one that wished to move forward. This was at a time when one US Dollar was equal to eight Chinese Yuans. He went on to say that those he worked with said that they wished to “see a world where Chinese parents are one day adopting American babies. However, Posobiec was careful to note that these comments were not made in a hateful way, but suggesting that Chinese citizens had aspirations of overcoming the wealth and influence of the US. 

He continued: “If we are not laser-focused on trade, immigration, and foreign policy, if we continue to be distracted by petty grievances, by past grievances, historical differences, historical revisionism, intra-party squabbles, China’s going to eat our lunch.”

He concluded by suggesting that the rest of the world is tired of it, and they will leave the US in the dust if Americans continue to focus on these generally insignificant issues. Posobiec finished by saying that the “rest of the world” is taking note of everything going on, “and they’re saying, ‘You know what, we want to find a way out of the paradigm.’”

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