BREAKING: Man in car rams Vatican Gate, guards open fire on driver, 40

The Vatican came under attack on Thursday as a car rushed the Santa Anna Gate, which serves as one of the primary entrances to Vatican City. Gendarmes fired at the car, and the driver, 40, was apprehended.

Vatican guards took aim at the speeding car, and it was reported that the driver was suffering from psychiatric problems, reports the AP.

The car rushed through the gates of the holiest city, home of Pope Francis, and Vatican gendarmes fired shots at the front tires of the speeding car. Despite the guards taking aim at the tires, the driver continued.

The Vatican press office said that the car got as far as the San Damasco Courtyard at the Apostolic Palace. When the driver emerged from the car, he was arrested immediately.

The driver was held in the Vatican barracks.

Vatican City is an independent holy city in the heart of Rome, Italy. The Pope was not reported to be near the attack, as he was likely at his residence in the Santa Marta hotel.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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