'BUDWEISER MOMENT': Glenn Beck slams Fox's firing of Tucker Carlson in Interview with Charlie Kirk

Blaze Media founder Glenn Beck slammed Fox News for firing Tucker Carlson on Friday and likened the network's plummeting ratings to the recent Budweiser boycott, which was a result of the beer giant using trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney to advertise the brand. Drinkers didn't like it.

"This is a Budweiser moment for Fox," Beck said, who made the comparison while appearing on The Charkie Kirk Show with host and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

"I really don't know if Budweiser ever returns to the number one beer in the country anymore," Beck said. "Because it was easy for people just to say, 'Give me a Miller'."

Beck, who was also terminated from Fox News and went on to found conservative media group BlazeTV, explained that social media has provided the opportunity for influential voices to succeed on their own and once older generations die out, so will cable news networks.

"I think this is the real death now for Fox," Beck told Kirk.

Since the ousting of primetime favorite Tucker Carlson, who hosted the number one cable news show in the world, Fox News ratings for that time spot have decreased. In the first week after Carlson's ouster, the ratings were down in the prime time spot by 29.6 percent to 1.449 million viewers.

"I think it is clear that they didn't anticipate this much of a dip," Kirk told Beck. He said "the entire lineup... It's just ravaged."

"We're talking about CNN doing some sort of trans special rerun is beating Fox now head-to-head," Kirk added.

Beck said that when he was a host for Headline News, a network that essentially has little to no viewers, his show had higher ratings than Fox News did this past week

"We had nobody watching at headline news, nobody. You are trapped in an airport if you are watching us. And that's the kind of numbers Fox is putting up in primetime," Beck said. "I don't know how you recover from that."

"What people don't understand is the true conservative is not playing a game. This isn't fun. We're not doing it as a sport. We're tired of it. We don't want to deal with it. We want it to just end. But we are seeing our country...I've met many people who are now for the first time going through mourning for their country...I went through that in 2010. It's rational, reasonable to go through that," Beck said.

"Get through it right now as fast as you can because now we need you back on the line."

While the firing of Tucker Carlson shocked the nation, the two media personalities said that the backlash that they have seen against both Fox News and Budweiser gives them hope that conservatives can successfully fight back against the powers that be and reclaim the nation.

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