WATCH: Charlie Kirk and Kayleigh McEnany SLAM Biden's press sec over Nashville school shooting comments

On Tuesday, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany joined Charlie Kirk on his show to discuss comments made by President Biden's press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in the wake of the Nashville school shooting.

Kirk and McEnany slammed Jean-Pierre for her tone-deaf remarks, wherein she seemingly ignored the six murdered Christians in favor of focusing on the threat scrutiny over the killer's identity would have on the transgender community.

"Remember what she said after the Christian hate crime?" Kirk began, showing a clip of Jean-Pierre failing to mention Christians but proudly declaring the Biden administration stands with LGBTQIA youth, who she says will "fight back."

"In communcations, you understand the importance of words more than anyone," McEnany replied. "For her to use the words 'they fight back' days after a transgender individual killed six Christians, it's appalling, it's disgusting. That word should never be used, and to not acknowledge the victim here..."

McEnany went on to stress the importance of calling things out as what they are, citing attacks at the Tree of Life Synagogue and Pulse Nightclub, which targeted Jews and the LGBTQ community, respectively.

"The fact that the White House got away with this without anyone in the media questioning it is a really sad indictment of the American media," she lamented.

"It is the first shooting ever that I've seen," Kirk added, "where the shooter and the murders get more sympathy than the actual victims."

McEnany suggested that Christians should rise up and make it known that they will not be silenced when their fellow believers are slaughtered.

"This isn't happening in isolation," she said. "This is a broader attack on Christianity that's coming from this administration, gotta be vocal about it."

Jean-Pierre's comments were widely criticized by the right, many of whom questioned why the administration was seemingly attempting to downplay the fact that the shooter, Audrey Hale, identified as transgender.

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