LIBBY EMMONS: Fox delivers massive win to progressive left by giving in to woke mob and canceling Tucker Carlson

With Tucker Carlson out at Fox News, there is no one left in mainstream media who speaks out, or likely will speak out, against the war in Ukraine. The war was undertaken in little pieces, first with millions, then billions, until the US is essentially all in on a war against Russia

In pulling their most popular pundit off the air, Fox has given the progressive left a massive win. Carlson spoke out against the suppression of our rights during Covid, the trans infiltration of women's spaces, the horror of child sex changes, the massive spending in the name of climate change, and the lack of accountability for the alleged crimes and misdeeds of the Biden family.

Now that Carlson is out at Fox, the ideas that he brought to prime time, and the voices he elevated to the level of the national consciousness, will be pushed to the side. And the progressive left has already begun to rejoice. AOC celebrated Carlson's deplatforming, saying "deplatforming works and is important." This after she stated that the federal government should intervene and censor him and Fox News.

Senator Chuck Schumer joined AOC in celebrating the departure of one of his most strident critics in media. He claimed that Carlson, via Fox News, has "hurt our democracy probably the way no other actor maybe with the exception of Donald Trump, who used them, has done. And so when it's that vital, I think, and we not only have a right to tell Rupert Murdoch and Fox what to do, but an obligation. And I hope people from one end of the country to the other, will call up Fox and say: do what leader Hakeem Jeffries and I asked for."

"Which is stop the lies, say they were wrong, and report the news. You may have a different way of reporting the news than someone else, fine. But lying is not part of that cannot be part of that different way and cannot be," Schumer said.

Schumer has said that Carlson was lying about those detained due to allegations against them stemming from the Capitol riot of Janaury 6, 2021, and claimed that the American people should not see the surveillance footage from Congress on that day. But Schumer needs the narrative around January 6 to hold, he needs to use that incendiary rhetoric as a cudgel to beat Democrats into supporting, and not questioning, any of his policies.

The progressive left, in punditry and politics, is able to use the departure of Carlson from the network as a way to discredit his critique of their own lies, omissions, and obfuscations. This firing of Carlson gives the progressive left amunition against their critics in a way that enables them to further silence their political opponents.

No longer will anyone in mainstream media on the conservative right hold them to account for their war effort to protect Ukraine's borders while allowing chaos to reign at our own. And while many pundits have come to speak out against child sex changes, it was only after Carlson took the first step into those waters that others had the nerve to speak out as well.

Carlson was right about Covid, about gender ideology, about climate alarmism, about AOC, and about the pointless forever war undertaken in our name in Ukraine.

Now that the only anti-war voice in mainstream conservative media has been deplatformed, there's no stopping the Biden administration from expanding this meaningless war, engaging in nuclear play with the world's only other nuclear superpower, and bankrupting the nation.

Carlson opposed the proxy war in Ukraine, a war that is quickly turning hot as the US floods Ukraine with American weapons and troops. He denounced the deep state that controls so much of the federal government with little-to-no oversight of elected leaders. 

Fox, in letting Carlson go, has offered allegience to Biden administration in the the US-led war in Ukraine. Whoever they get to replace him will likely be as hawkish and pro-war as Sean Hannity or any of the warmongers on MSNBC. It is also a warning from the media conglomerate that dissent, questioning authority, and independent thought will not be tolerated.

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