FLASHBACK: Tucker predicted powers that be would 'crush' him during Charlie Kirk interview

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  • 04/24/2023

In wake of Fox News parting ways with primetime host Tucker Carlson on Monday, Charlie Kirk, host of The Charlie Kirk Show, shared a video on Telegram where Carlson predicted that the powers that be would "crush" him.

Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, kicked off the segment, saying: “Last piece of advice for young people: get married…”

Carlson responded: “Yeah, get married and have a ton of kids. I mean, get married when you’re too young, have more kids than you can afford, take a job you’re not qualified for. Live boldly.”

Carlson continued by imploring young people not to “get high,” and to stop “doing anything that blurs your vision or makes time go faster.”

The former Fox News host continued by telling young people to stop wasting time, that “that’s the sin: living thoughtlessly. And wasting time is the one thing you can’t get back. I’ve wasted a lot of money in my life. Oh my gosh, I don’t care. I don’t regret any of it.”

Carlson reiterated that he does not regret any of the money he has wasted over his lifetime, but it is all the time that he has wasted he said he feels especially bitter about. He went on to suggest that time is the most precious commodity, as there is not an infinite amount of it. 

He pivoted slightly, addressing Big Tech, saying: “Live as fully as you can, and you can’t control all this stuff that’s going on. You can’t control what Google does. And honestly, they’re gonna win. Like, the powers that be will win, at least in the short term.”

“Ultimately, they’ll all blow up, but like, we’re powerless and hated. I think it’s my cellphone. Are they gonna crush me? Oh yeah.”

He concluded: “But in the meantime, you know, I want to experience my life as fully as I can. And I think that starts with having a ton of kids, like way more, like Mormon levels. I’m serious.”

It is uncertain what the future holds for the former Fox News host, but it does not seem likely that he will completely disappear from the media landscape.

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