'It was my great honor': Donald Trump surprises Fort Myers police department with pizza

A Florida police department was left stunned on Friday after former President Donald Trump gifted them boxes of pizza during a campaign stop in Ft. Myers.

The 2024 Republican Presidential Candidate made a surprise visit to a downtown local pizza shop with House representative Byron Donalds, which had supporters beaming with excitement, including the Ft. Myers Police Department who Trump surprised later that evening.

"A nice gesture from Donald J. Trump before he departed, for our shifts out working tonight to include everyone working the former Presidential detail in Downtown Fort Myers. Some Downtown House of Pizza to go around," the department said in a post on Facebook.

Donald Trump responded and said, "It was my great honor."

The kind gesture followed Trump's surprise visit to Downtown House of Pizza on Friday after speaking at the Lee County Republican Party's Lincoln Reagan Dinner.

In videos posted to Twitter by Trump adviser Jason Miller, huge crowds were formed around the President as he connected with supporters inside the pizza joint.

Chants of "U-S-A" rung out inside the pizzeria as Trump took his first bite into the warm and fresh pie.

While the Republican primary presidential election has recently become a polarizing force across the country, with frequent back-and-forth attacks between Trump and Governor DeSantis supporters, the former President is beating DeSantis by 13 percent in the most recent polls, according to Wall Street Journal.

Months ago, Donald Trump was trailing Gov. DeSantis, who has not yet announced his candidacy, by a 14-point deficit, but Trump's support has grown since announcing his presidential campaign in November.

Trump's surprise visit to downtown Ft. Myers is just one of many examples of Trump's ability to make genuine connections with every day American people, something we are expected to see more of as things heat up in 2024. Despite the political persecution, and mainstream media's contempt of the former President, Trump has never backed down and his support seems to be growing.

Former Democratic Congressman Adam Kinzinger tweeted, "Trump eats pizza guys!!!! Just like us!!!! DEF NOT A CULT BECAUSE OUR GUY EATS PIZZA!!!!!!" The Wrap host CJ Pearson responded "Can someone tell Adam Kinzinger that President Trump is happily married?"

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