MTG tells Charlie Kirk classified documents leak on Ukraine war show 'how deep the problems are'

On Friday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sat down with Charlie Kirk to talk about the leaked classified Pentagon documents, and how it was possible for a 21-year-old National Guardsman from Massachusetts to get his hands on such documents. 

Greene began the segment by noting that she voted yes for the resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but adding that she has voted against the funding of the overseas war. 

"I believe that America should be pursuing peace in Ukraine, not funding, and now, we’re finding out, truly waging the war in Ukraine against a nuclear-armed Russia that puts us all at risk of, you know, World War III." 

Greene continued on to state that as a result of the US funding of the war, inflation has skyrocketed and the US is "on the verge of losing the dollar as the world’s currency because we have pushed Russia into the arms of China through sanctions from the Biden admin.

Greene stated that while it’s wrong and against the law to share classified documents a person has been tasked with protecting, "the real problem is that the leaders in our country who wield power, the ones that are in charge of everything, and they’re in charge of the classified information… they are unconstitutionally waging a war in Ukraine and funding that with our tax dollars."

"And because of the leaks that we have found out through this 21-year-old National Guardsman, we really know how deeply the problems are and how unconstitutional they are."

Greene stated that both she and her fellow members of Congress have not voted to go to war against Russia in Ukraine.

"And here we’re seeing a 21-year-old low-level National Guardsman being thrown under the bus, called a traitor, being called a racist. He’s been persecuted and he’s probably going to be locked up for many, many years. But we’re not seeing anyone in the Biden administration or the Pentagon held accountable. We’re not seeing them forced to own up for responsibility of waging a war that’s unconstitutional, that we have not voted to go into and I think it’s wrong."

"I’m sick and tired of it. You know, it’s always somebody small that takes the fall guy. It’s always someone insignificant that they create to be the criminal and the bad guy, but yet it’s our government repeatedly. They’re the ones in the wrong.

Kirk told Greene that the whole situation on whether Teixeira was a "hero or villain" was "a little messy,"  and asked the congresswoman whether she thought it was just Teixeira that leaked the documents or if there were accomplices. 

"I totally agree with you that it’s very complicated and the situation is messy, and we clearly don’t have all the information."

Greene said "it doesn’t make any sense" how the 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman "was capable of getting all of this information on his own and releasing it into the [Discord] chat," adding that people are now labeling Discord as a "right-wing terror site."

"But really what they’re setting up to do is while he probably didn’t get this information on his own, he probably got it from other people, they’re setting up for more censorship. And the government is really going to be coming after our personal data online." 

"We’re on the verge of losing more freedoms, and they’re probably going to pass a bill or an executing order, something along the lines of the Restrict Act. So here we are, again, with the government on the verge of creating more power and control, but while they’re going to lock away a 21-year-old for the rest of his life."

In response to Kirk asking why her Republican colleagues have dropped the ball on demanding answers, Greene said, "I can’t even comprehend it."

"I’m the only one saying these things, but it usually starts out this way. I already have a letter prepared I’m sending off to Lloyd Austin, someone that really should be fired… But I’m sending him a letter, I’m demanding answers to questions."

"I want to know what steps the Department of Defense is taking to make US military operations in foreign countries funded by American taxpayers more transparent, so as not to be humiliated by leaks of classified documents."

Greene added that she wants to know what type of operations are being conducted by US special forces in Ukraine, whether Biden authorized the placement of these troops without Congressional approval, and how many servicemembers are stationed in Ukraine.

Greene said she was "just as angry with Republicans as I am with Democrats most of the time," noting the $31 trillion in debt, the US being on the verge of World War III, and BRICS.

"We have serious problems, and if the Republican Party is not going to solve the problems, then you’re probably right," Greene told Kirk. "We may need an opposition party, and I don’t know what that looks like at this time."

"But we have no one that's really seeing the writing on the wall and the true threat to America, our sovereign nation and our economy and our ability to survive."

Greene said the biggest threat to the nation, according to the Biden administration, are white Christian males who are straight, "One that doesn't go along with the talking points of the day, and rejects the narrative that the government and the media want to want to shove down our throats." 

"We're in big trouble Charlie and the American many people many regular Americans know it. But unfortunately, Washington is disconnected or just refuses to care. And I don't know where we're going."

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