Posobiec, London & Cole: The truth about gender identity disorder

On the Sunday Special episode of Human Events Daily, detransitioners Chloe Chole and Oli London spoke with host Jack Posobiec about the rise in radical trans activism and the spread of gender ideology. 

In light of the shooting of a christian school on Monday, where 6 people were killed by a trans identifying female who had only come out in the last year, London and Posobiec discussed how gender ideology could have motivated the act. London stated that "of course we need to see the manifesto, but I really do, I believe that the Nashville police chief said there was some credible substance to the claim that this was motivated by radicalized gender ideology."

London said, "their friends at high school described them as normal, as shy, as sweet. So something happened within the last couple years that has really pushed this person to become so extreme."

London noted that there has been an increase in heated rhetoric from trans organizations and many calling for violence. He pointed to the recent calls "for retaliation in Tennessee, based on the law that's banning gender affirming care."

Posobiec pointed out that it wasn’t even just conservatives making this connection. He noted that we have "mainstream media here in the United States that in the wake of this, before we even really knew all the facts, that were clearly pointing to the fact that this took place in Tennessee. Just a few weeks after this law was passed." 

Posopiec went on to ask London to describe how you go from a pretty traditional christian family, to being wrapped up in this ideology. London explained, "There's schools now teaching this ideology, telling kids about sex education, telling kids about changing their gender, and oftentimes doing it behind their parents backs."

London went on to say that "many people did not have a problem with anyone being trans 5, 10 years ago. It wasn't until they started medically transitioning kids, tearing families apart, taking away parents rights that this became an issue."

Posobiec then pointed out that the shooter was not a child, she was 28 years old, and they discussed the impacts of social media on people in that age range. Reddit and TikTok have built these "echo chambers,"  London said. 

London, who is the author of the book Detransition, went on to describe what led him into the ideology and what got him out. He said that as a teenager he really did struggle with himself. He said he used to get bullied a lot for his "femininity." He said as an adult he "started having plastic surgery just to try and improve myself. And that kind of became an addiction because I was using that as an outlet to try and deal with my past traumas when it said I should have gone to therapy. I should have tackled these things face on," comparing it to self harming, which is very similar to how you see so many young females proudly showing their double mastectomy scars online. 

He went on to say that it was going to church that led him back stating that he "had a duty to be a good role model for these people" that he was inspiring on social media.

In the second half of the show Chloe Cole joined Posobiec to discuss how the transgender movement became such a force in America and what is driving it. Cole says that it is because many of these activists are "being told that their rights are being taken away, that their healthcare is being stripped from them. And this is not true." She went on to note that this is "very ideologically driven." 

Cole travels the country speaking at events and testifying on legislation. She said one thing she has noticed about the activists during these hearings is they are "a lot more desperate, They’re more vocal They often interrupt the hearing by themselves by shouting, by laughing and shouting out," which she feels is because they know "their ideology is losing."

Cole went on to describe the threats that she has faced before discussing her story from transition to detransition. Cole said that her first exposure to the ideology was through social media when she was just 11. She described how on Instagram she would see images of women and felt she could never live up to them. When she started to see a lot of posts specifically about transitioning she said, "I was at an age where naturally I would start to wonder about myself, and where I stood in the world," thinking that it just made sense that she "was a boy," and started changing herself to fit that image.

Cole went on to explain how doctors told her parents that if she didn't transition she would commit suicide. Of her transition she said, "it was very lonely," before describing what it was like being on testosterone. She said it made her feel mostly great but the side effects became "more difficult to regulate my emotions, mainly my anger."

Posobiec pointed out that this is something "men deal with at an early age. We are more prone to anger" and "you learn that you have to regulate that yourself, you don't want to just go through life answering everything with anger and aggression."  Cole confirmed that the anger was "very abrupt," and noted that her doctor was a female, who wouldn't know what that feels like. 

Cole went on to have a double mastectomy at the age of 16 but later detransitioned at the same age. She and London are just two of a growing number of people that have been sucked into this ideology only to regret it later. They both continue to point out the harms that are still being perpetuated by doctors and activists around the country in hopes that they can prevent what happened to them from happening to other vulnerable people.

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