British school calls mother to reveal child's gender transition, government threatens to remove child from family if they don't 'affirm'

In the UK, children are being allowed to change their names and pronouns without parental notification and, according to the Daily Mail, schools are also referring students to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services under their new name, so that not even their General Practitioner are aware of the change. 

One mother in England was told by the school that they would be changing her daughter's information to a boy's name and pronouns and when she asked her daughter why she wanted to be a boy she said "I'll get bullied for being a girl, but I won't get bullied for being trans."


The Daily Mail spoke to the parents of a girl named Olivia, whose school called social services on the child's parents for not affirming her daughter's new identification after the school changed the child's name and pronouns against the wishes of the parents.

The parents were then told by social services if they don’t validate their child's identity then their case will be elevated to child protection, an agency that has the ability to remove a child from parents' custody.

Olivia’s parents say that everything was going good until their child's friends got her to join one of the local LGBT groups. From there she went into a familiar pattern; she first came out as a lesbian, then non-binary, then as a boy. The report spoke to another parent who said her daughter followed the same pattern after the school "hosted a presentation by a transgender adult about being trans."

In another report from the Daily Mail, in January, multiple parents reported UK schools disregarding their wishes and using different names and pronouns for their children.

One of those parents, Sally Mellor, had a clinical psychologist advise her to simply affirm her child because the child may be autistic and the change in identity may be a way to cope with bullying at school. 

In the United States you have the case of Sage in Virginia, who was the inspiration for Sage’s law. The Appomattox County High School changed her name to Draco and started allowing her to use the boys' facilities. She ran away the night her parents found out about her new identity to be with a man who had been grooming her online.

After a horrific ordeal, Sage is now living again as her birth sex.

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