Trans activist mob violently attacks Kellie-Jay Keen, women's rights advocates in New Zealand

Kellie-Jay Keen took her Let Women Speak tour to New Zealand, where she was attacked by an angry mob and was made afraid for her life. Reports from those in attendance describe large men screaming about their womanhood while fingering their nipples. Other large, male trans activists publicly hoped that Keen's plane would crash on her way back to the UK.

Among those protesting Keen were a Green Party politician, who supported those who came out in force to shout her down.

Keen is a woman's rights campaigner who speaks for the rights of women to actually be women and to not have their spaces and bodies co-opted by men. For this, she has been vilified by the community of trans activists who claim she is a Nazi because she knows full well that biological sex is not a mutable condition, that no amount of surgeries or drugs can change men into women or the reverse, and she refuses to be quiet about it.

Early this week, in anticipation of her visit to New Zealand, petitions were started to keep her out of the country. A speaking event in Melbourne turned violent as well when a trans activist rushed the microphone and had to be subdued by security. Labour MP Moira Deeming came under fire from her own party for having attended to speak out for women's rights.

On Twitter, Keen described recent events as, "A long campaign to assassinate my character, started by a group of jealous spiteful women in the UK, that I had ambitions besides stopping the mutilation of children and the erasure of women’s rights. A load of lies slurped up by ravenous porn sick men and their transmaidens, but consistently legitimatised by women 'on my side'. The lies were finally spewed by politicians in power in Australia and New Zealand, boosted by a corrupt media populated by vile dishonest unskilled cult members. The end result was that I spent most of my day with the protection of police who genuinely believed I was lucky to be alive."


Keen added, "They are afraid of us. So much love to the women of New Zealand, we see you. The world is talking about you. To the stewards, security and police who made sure my kids get to see me again thank you, thanks to all of you at home who offered messages of support."

One of the stewards posted about the incident on social media and said, "We were leaving the rotunda and I think the basic rule was to hold tight to her (Keen) and they started pushing… We fell over and people were stomping and shouting and grabbing."

The steward went on to say that, "The main crowd were nasty."

She described how the crowd's nasitness was not limited to comments and violence against Keen but that they tried to punch her as well. They grabbed her clothing and were hurling things at her until finally they all had to "link arms and push through."

One attendee, Corina Shields, posted a video and thanked the men "standing up for our women."

She also said that men came at her during Keen's event and threw barriers at her while screaming "trans rights are human rights."

"Well, what about women's rights?" Shields said. "What about everyone's rights? Apparently in society, only a small section of it gets rights. What about my rights? I went willing to have conversations, nobody would converse with me. Why? Because they were too busy screaming in my face and throwing barriers around."

On Substack, Katrina Biggs said, "The only way to describe the trans activist mob at Auckland today is feral."

One activist bragging on Twitter about the events of the day.

One attendee said the behavior of the protestors was "mind boggling." She attended with her 10-year-old daughter and described how one man "shoved his nipples" at her and the child and yelled "'aren't these breasts?'"

The woman said the day was a "disgusting display of bullying & violence against women."

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