WATCH: Libs of TikTok creator tells Charlie Kirk about backlash against her new children's book No More Secrets

Chaya Raichik, creator of Libs of TikTok, appeared on The Charlie Kirk Show to discuss her children’s book entitled “No More Secrets,” which is intended to combat what she has been called groomers and child predators, as well as cultivating a meaningful bond between parent and child.

Kirk kicked off the segment by asking Raichik to talk a bit about the book, which has been protested by trans activists, who claim that her Libs of TikTok account is transphobic for posting clips of leftist teachers who proudly discuss indoctrinating their young students into gender ideology.

Raichik started: “So for the last two years, I've basically been exposing groomers and predators who are targeting our children. And then the pattern of a groomer who wants to prey on a kid is to cut off the parent, to isolate the child, to sever the parent-child relationship, and then to prey on the kid.”

“So, you know, I was like, ‘Look, I've been exposing this for two years, and I think the time has come for me to actually put out a tool which can help parents and children to combat this and to help kids not fall into that trap.’

"So I wrote a kid's book, ‘No More Secrets’ … It basically teaches kids and parents… It strengthens the family unit and it helps create that trust between parents and kids, where if there is a trusted adult who tells the child, ‘You know, don't tell your parents this, we can keep this between us. This is a secret between us.’ The child should know that that is groomer behavior and this person could potentially be a predator.”

“So I think it's a really valuable tool. And I've gotten great feedback from it. And then this past week, I posted a story about how the attorney general in New York with Letitia James was going to be hosting a Drag Story Hour, which has become super common across America. And I was like, ‘You know, I should hold a counter story hour with something that isn't groomer material, right?’”

“So I was gonna hold the story hour in New York City, down the street from her story hour, at the same time reading my book, and then we hired some online security experts to sort of assess if there was any chatter about potential harmful action by people who are opposed to me. And there was, so you know, we got threats. We've had people threatening to show up dressed inappropriately or try to distribute things to children inappropriately, and even cause damage. And violence. So unfortunately, we had to cancel that.”

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