EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Wolf on how the left reframed her as a 'conspiracy theorist'

Dr. Naomi Wolf is a renowned writer, philosopher, and journalist. The author of the feminist manifesto, The Beauty Myth, is now the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Clout, where she outlines the debilitating legacy of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

But the left-wing academies that ripped her work are now calling her "a lunatic and conspiracy theorist."

Wolf, in an exclusive interview Monday with Human Events, described the backlash she has received from former supporters, as well as her own ideological journey as she criticized the COVID-19 lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations. 

"People whom I thought were bananas, conservatives saying, 'Oh it's the death of civilization and we have all these post-modern subjects to study … Why can't we be proud of Western traditions?' I thought they were just kind of dinosaurs, but they were sounding a reasonable alarm about a wholesale co-option of the left by, in my view, the Chinese communist party … by actual Marxists, actual old school Stalinist Leninist Marxists, or Maoists Marxist who dragged the belief systems of the left from that free speech place on the political spectrum to a 'if you don't agree with me I will hurl names at you and excommunicate you and cancel you' kind of Marxist reaction."

She marvels at how governments around the world all seem to be reading from the same script.

"I'm fully persuaded that these people have the same talking points because it's a playbook … from China via the World Economic Forum. There's a reason they all sound so similar … I mean you see the same turns of phrase in countries around the world that are aligned with these CCP slash WEF goals. It's disgusting … Critics on the left, commentators, journalists will say, 'Oh, that person, who's a conservative is a racist, sexist, transphobe.'"

Wolf says she is even questioning her views on abortion as American culture increasingly celebrates death and embraces a pagan culture that she recently described in her Substack essay, Have the Ancient Gods Returned.

She says the people she "admired most were called lunatics," and she doesn't "regret telling the truth and doing real journalism."

Wolf contends that as a result of seeking truth, "The memo went out: Naomi Wolf has to be done away with reputationally." 

But "when no one speaks out that's when horrible, horrible things happen."

Wolf devotes much of her time to the Daily Clout website, where she has assembled 3,000 medical and scientific experts under the leadership of Amy Kelley who pour through the "tens and tens of thousands of documents … internal Pfizer documents released under court order" that she says the U.S. Food and Drug Administration "wanted to keep hidden for 75 years."

She calls the creation and dissemination of the COVID vaccine "the greatest crime against humanity in the history of the human species. Never been a worse crime."

She cites a report released Monday by the Daily Clout, entitled Report #62 that documents how "62 people had sustained kidney damage or kidney failure, half of them within four days, of injection and a third of those people died and Pfizer concluded that there was no safety issues."

Wolf says Big Pharma has waged war "on human reproduction through these injections, ranging from menstruation, from compromising the placenta to poisoning breast milk."

She isn't sure whether the vaccine pushers will ever be fully held to account for their actions because "it depends upon what you mean by being held accountable."

"The rule of law is grinding along very slowly. No one's in prison, no one's under indictment." But she notes that if Big Pharma isn't facing a repeat of the Nuremberg trials that punished Nazi war criminals, there has been a "collapse of profits" for the pharmaceutical industry.

"A loss of revenue is going to come sooner than actual justice, and in my view, that's not sufficient. These people have got to go to prison; they are mass murderers."

Wolf is also telling liberals and Democrats to wake up about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that is routinely characterized as an insurrection by the left. In a recent Human Events column, she apologized to Republicans and MAGA supporters. 

When asked if she felt like that character in The Matrix who receives the red pill of enlightenment after she watched the video footage of the event obtained by Fox News' Tucker Carlson, Wolf responded, "Certainly. I was very angry."

She says the "Democratic leadership cherry-picked" the video originally shown on the mainstream media, and that putting Jake Angeli, the so-called QAnon shaman, in front of the cameras was "gold for the Democrats."

Wolf was also surprised to learn that former President Donald Trump did not incite or goad his followers to attack the Capitol or that he had not "in some way supported, winked at mayhem at the Capitol."

"His call to be peaceful was immediately deleted from the news," she said, comparing it to Soviet-era whitewashing of Polit bureau members who had fallen out of favor.

But although the author is critical of liberals for lying about Jan. 6, "it hasn't been helpful that many conservatives haven't said violence is always wrong."

Wolf says consistency about violence and free speech is important, whether we're talking about people on the left or the right. While she condemns the jailing of hundreds of people who have become political prisoners as a result of merely being there on Jan. 6, she says she first "sounded that alarm about prisoners at Guantanamo."

"Republicans were fine with torture," she says, suggesting that people should have known that abuse of prisoners "was going to migrate from those most horrible people … to heartland America."

"These chickens have come home to roost."

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