STICKER SHOCK: Burlington, VT bans 'transphobic' stickers for 'hate speech'—allows ones that say 'kill all TERFs'

The city council in Burlington, Vermont is furious with some local residents posting so-called "transphobic stickers" around town. 

The “Resolution Relating to Supporting LGBTQIA+ Community Members and Condemning Transphobia,” which passed Monday night, claims that these residents who post the stickers, in exercising their constitutional right to free speech, “target queer and transgender community members, especially young people…spread hate through protests, aggressive stickering near our schools and other public places and on social media… These kinds of hateful acts are leading to a rise in violence to the LGBTQIA+ community.” 

One of the organizers of the stickering campaign is local resident and businessman, Kevin Hurley. Hurley spoke Monday night during the public comment portion of the city council meeting where the resolution was being discussed.

After briefly being interrupted by the chairwoman, he disputed the claim the stickers were "transphobic" and said the city council intends “to paint targets on our backs. Of course, you and the mayor are lying, we are not a hate group,” Hurley said.

He explained that his group was primarily middle-aged gays, lesbians, and bisexuals who are being defamed because they won’t enthusiastically support radical gender ideology. The stickering began roughly two-and-a-half years ago and will continue until the radical city council is willing to listen to and compromise with conservative activists.

In addition to the stickering, some activists have taken to public protest. Fred Sargeant is one of them. Sargeant is a 74-year-old gay rights pioneer who was at the Stonewall Riots in 1969 and worked to establish the Christopher Street Liberation Day March, the antecedent of contemporary gay pride celebrations. He’s also a veteran police officer with a distinguished service record who worked to normalize homosexuals being out in the workforce throughout his adult life.  

Sargeant was viciously assaulted at last year’s Pride celebration for daring to display a sign with a red line through the phrases “Black Face,” “Woman Face,” and another that proudly declared “Gay Not Queer.” For his anti-LGBTQIA+ heresy, Sargeant was pushed to the ground by a cadre of screaming harpies. 

One of them, Erin Leslie, poured coffee on him and was charged with simple assault. Her charges will be dismissed when she completes her 10 hours of community service and pays a small fine, thanks to State Attorney Sarah George. Sargeant’s opinion on the matter wasn’t sought or desired by George.  

In response to the attack on Sargeant, a few of us, myself included, decided we were going to show up at Outright Vermont’s Fire Truck Pull just two weeks after Sargeant’s assault. You can see the video here. 

“Make no mistake, trans people—especially trans youth—are under attack in this country and right here in Vermont, in all corners of our state,” said Dana Kaplan, the Executive Director of Outright Vermont in a statement responding to our protest. It doesn’t appear that they like being told to stop cutting up kids or messing with their hormones.

Outright holds the annual fundraiser for their organization, which raises money for free chest binders, packers, and other cross-sex cosplay. They also provide “queer-identified adult role models” and “queer youth programs” for kids 19 and under, per their website 

Will we stand up and speak out against this kind of grooming as homosexual adults? You bet. 

The resolution included a reference to the murder of “Fern Feather, a transgender woman” with the implication that the stickering and protests somehow contributed to “her” death. 

Fern’s real name was Zachary Barbeau. He was 29, and was described to me as an effeminate, quiet, gay guy by someone who knew him. Barbeau identified himself as Fern and publicly came out as transgender in a Facebook post a month before he was murdered by Seth Brunell.  

Brunell, 43, is a career criminal with a history of mental illness who was picked up by Fern hitchhiking, who never dropped him off. A few days later, Brunell stabbed Fern dozens of times and dumped his body on the side of the road.  

There’s no evidence to suggest Fern was killed specifically because he identified as transgender. He picked up a sick, violent psychopath and suffered the consequences of risky sexual behavior. That didn’t stop the transgender cult from appropriating his death for their cause.

The resolution makes a point to “express gratitude for the work of those community members who… remove the harmful stickers.” Below are just a few of the “transphobic, hateful” stickers.




“Stickering is powerful because it cuts right through the soundproof walls of the echo chambers. They can’t edit it, all they can do is scrape them off,” said an individual who went by Avery, one of the individuals engaged in the stickering. Avery didn’t want me to use his real name because he’s been threatened and harassed previously, but he will not stop posting the stickers.  

“It’s my hope that some of these people—some of the normies still capable of critical thought see there’s nothing transphobic, nothing hateful, and that it’s actually supportive of the children who are being targeted by the trans cult.” He also told me that he hopes their organized efforts to scrape the stickers off will force some of these folks to read them and see the truth for themselves.

Other Burlington residents don’t have the luxury of being anonymous. Christopher Aaron Felker is the elected chairman of the Burlington Republican Committee. He simultaneously represents conservatives in Burlington while being the public face of the Republican party for the city. He acts as the go-between for the folks doing the stickering and the local government. In a conversation with me, he said his constituents were seeing the introduction of this resolution as “an escalation and threat of use of state violence to censor and suppress free speech.” 

Felker has been targeted repeatedly with graffiti and stickers.


Felker shared these and other images with me.

As you can see, stickering is common in Burlington, and there are plenty of political messages, but this resolution exclusively targets conservative stickers challenging gender ideology by calling them hate speech.

Felker pointed out that the references to the Outright Fire Truck Pull specifically makes him a target of the resolution since searching for information about the event yields articles such as
this one. 

Josh Slocum of the Disaffected Podcast is another Burlington resident who has been covering the advances of gender ideology in his hometown. Slocum, Hurley, and Felker have all been harassed in public while out for dinner due to their regular critiques, and are now targeted by this resolution. Hurley and Slocum have referred to the city as “Little Kandahar” or “Stepford Vermont,” due to the cult-like mindset of their fellow residents. This is a very deep blue city. 

The resolution proclaims “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the city council supports the continuation of tracking all transphobic and other hate speech in an annually published report available to the public to ensure the ongoing commitment to decreasing the amount of hate speech in our City.” This suggests the city government will be tracking stickers or other public protests that they don’t like, and publishing details to intimidate protesters.  

The next line indicates the city is encouraging the state legislature to look at ways to extend existing protections to punish offenders for “hate motivated targeted crimes.” The final line outright says they’re going to attempt to change the laws so they can specifically punish “graffiti that spreads hateful and harmful messages.”

Does this seem like hateful bigoted stickers that will psychologically harm kids and adults or are the leftists acting like victims in an attempt to cow compliance with their ideology? 

Folks indoctrinated with gender ideology love to play the victim. They invoke a drama triangle where they’re simultaneously fulfilling the role of white knight and victim where anyone who stands in their way is cast as the oppressor. 

They say we’re targeting children, but in reality, it’s groups like Outright Vermont and radicals on the Burlington City Council who seek to put kids on a path that can lead to irrevocable harm, including sterility and genital mutilation. Adults who speak out against this Joseph Mengele-style medical experimentation on minors are not hateful bigots, quite the opposite. We believe no child is born in the wrong body, and all children should be allowed to grow up healthy and whole.

Folks indoctrinated with this ideology love to play the victim. They invoke a drama triangle where they’re simultaneously fulfilling the role of white knight and victim where anyone who stands in their way is cast as the oppressor.  

They say we’re targeting children, but in reality, it’s groups like Outright Vermont and radicals on the Burlington City Council who seek to put kids on a path that can lead to irrevocable harm, including sterility and genital mutilation.

No resolution will change our determination to end these barabric practices, and try to inform the people of Burlington as to the horrors being done to children as part of the trans medical experiment.

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