LA Times blames ‘white drivers’ for polluting the air breathed by ‘people of color’

An insane new woke article just dropped from notoriously progressive LA Times and it's a doozy. Entitled "White drivers are polluting the air breathed by L.A.’s people of color," the article cites a USC study that found that "Angelenos who drive more tend to be exposed to less air pollution — and Angelenos who drive less tend to be exposed to more pollution."

The reason for this is of course racism.

"It’s a function of the racism that shaped this city and its suburbs, and continues to influence our daily lives — and a stark reminder of the need for climate solutions that benefit everyone."

The author of the article, Sammy Roth - who predictably proudly wears a mask in his Twitter bio - confesses that he is complicit in the racism of LA's polluted air as well:

"As a white guy who’s lived on L.A.’s Westside for most of my life, I’ve benefited from the region’s sordid history as well. Much as I try to do my part — taking the train a couple times a month, walking to local coffee shops and restaurants instead of driving across the city — there’s no question I contribute to the inequitable air pollution that Boeing’s study describes."

Roth also reveals that the author of the USC study is complicit in the problem of racist air and white driving:

"Boeing is acutely aware that he and his wife and son are the beneficiaries. 'I absolutely love that there are no freeways anywhere near us,' he said."

Predictably, Roth says the answer to fix the white supremacy of driving pollution is being brought to you by Gavin Newsom!

"So what do solutions look like? Getting more people into electric cars is definitely one of them," Roth says, noting that Newsom has pledged to make California free of gasoline vehicles by 2035.

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